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Two flutes have been found in Europe that are between 40,000 to 60,000 years old. They are believed to PREDATE our use of language.

Bone flute dated in the Upper Paleolithic

Music was the human family’s first language. And one of our first healers!

The use of sound for healing is as old as the human family itself. We evolved with sound as a healer.

It’s in the genetic memory of every human being on the planet.

And in these chaotic times, where we are inundated with sound and noise, we’ve lost touch with that memory.

Too much noise over stimulates your nervous system. Leading to increased stress. And we already have enough of that.

My passion is to help you trigger your ancient memory of sound. Of how deeply you are wired for sound.

And how effective sound is at resetting your entire being to normal, natural healthy patterns.

Sound (and music) also awakens your soul and your soul’s purpose.

And, right now, our human family and our beautiful planet needs the collective soul song of all of us to sing a new way of being.

Do you know how deeply you are wired for sound?

The human body is a natural resonator for sound. And you are intimately wired for sound – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Your natural wiring for sound and music is a great asset when you are looking for effective ways to sleep better, improve your health, make your days easier and so much more.

Here are a few examples of your wiring for sound.


Sound moves through the more fluid parts of your body four and a half times faster than it moves through the air. And twelve times faster through your bones.

Entrainment - heart, lungs, brain wave stateRHYTHM CHANGES YOUR HEARTBEAT, BREATHING AND BRAINWAVES.

This is called entrainment. Your heartbeat will match the beat of the music around you within minutes. And you can’t turn off this response. It happens whether or not you are even paying any attention to the music. When the music changes your heartbeat, this also affects your breathing and brainwave rhythms. These three systems are intimately connected. When you change one of them, you change all three.


Hearing is the first sense that develops in the fetus. Sound stimulates the growth of the nervous system and brain. It continues to be food for your nervous system throughout your life.

Your body is fed by food. Your nervous system is fed by sound. And as we all know, there is good food and junk food and super food for the body. There is also good sound and junk sound and super sound for your nervous system.

JUNK – Some sounds, like traffic noise are well documented to stimulate the release of stress hormones. Prolonged exposure to these hormones result in all kinds of health problems and disease.

GOOD – Nature sounds, like birdsong, gently bubbling water, waves or wind are sounds that create a healthy response. Most people feel relaxed, calm, focused and peaceful.
also safety – birds.

SUPER – Super food for your nervous system is what you learn in Sound Wellness courses. Like how to find and choose music that really works for you to de-stress, sleep, be productive and more. How to use the magic of your own voice to heal and stay healthy. What sound tools work for you. To share with you many ways to always be able to return to harmony, no matter what is going on in your life.


Hormones are released whenever you play music or sing with other people. Examples are feel good hormones like dopamine or oxytocin, the ‘bonding’ hormone, that creates connection and community. Also, at least four immune system boosters are released by your nervous system, that help keep you healthy.


New evidence is emerging from the Neils Bohr Institute that the main communication system within the body is by a sound wave called a soliton. Your cells talk to each other with sound.

The above examples of your wiring for sound are like the tip of the iceberg for what is being discovered.

HOME EXPLORATION FOR THIS WEEK: Continue to notice the sounds around you and how those sounds make you feel.