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In this article, I will be sharing about Crystal Singing Bowls, some of their uses and most importantly, why they are such powerful healers.

Sharons crystal singing bowlsFor more information on how to play the Crystal Singing Bowls, click here to view our video on YouTube:

Let’s start with the WHY.

Quartz is the second most common and abundant mineral in the earths crust, and is found everywhere on earth. Quartz is used in sandpaper, man made glass, televisions, radios, clocks, optical lenses, computers, jewelry and even as building stone.

Marcel Vogel  1917-1991The properties of quartz were studied in great depth by the scientist Marcel Vogel who lived from 1917 to 1991.

He became IBM’s most prolific inventor, which included work on magnetic recording media, liquid crystals and the development of the red hue used in television. When you look at the time on your alarm clock in the morning or on your microwave – the liquid crystal display is thanks to the pioneering work of Marcel Vogel.

While at IBM, Vogel became more and more interested in the properties of quartz crystal, which he studied for 17 years.

Properties of Quartz Crystal

The following four principles are the basis of what Marcel Vogel discovered about quartz from his research. These principles apply whether you are working with quartz crystals or quartz singing bowls.

  1. Quartz crystal stores, amplifies and transmits your thoughts, emotions and intentions.
  2. Quartz crystal amplifies the auric field around an individual.
  3. The energy fields, thoughts, emotions and intentions stored in a crystal will fit the structure of water, causing the water to become structured. Remember – your body is composed of about 70% water.
  4. The energy fields, thoughts, emotions and intentions stored in a crystal can be transferred to another fluid, crystal or person.

Because crystal singing bowls are made out of quartz crystal, they also store, amplify and transmit thoughts, emotions and intentions.

Remember This

One of the biggest differences between a quartz crystal and a quartz bowl is the addition of sound to the qualities of quartz.

Sound is the carrier wave, amplifying the thought, emotion, intention you create. Remember, sound goes through you. As it goes through you, it sets every atom of your being into a state of vibration.

The thoughts, emotions and intentions that are carried on the sound also move every atom of your being and structure the molecular combination of the fluid within you.

An important distinction here is that quartz doesn’t judge the character or quality of a thought, emotion or intention. It just stores, amplifies, and transmits them.

If you are called to work with quartz singing bowls, it is essential that you do so with complete clarity of your thought, intention and emotional state. The quartz will amplify whatever is there, negative or positive, throughout your being and into the environment.

One of the reasons that crystal singing bowls are such transformational tools to work with is that you are called to work intentionally and consciously.

A Few Ways to Work with Singing Crystal Bowls

  1. Meditation:
    Rubbing the stick along the rim creates the sustained, ‘singing’ of the bowl. The sound along with the repetitive movement can create a meditative state very quickly. Many times I have watched people playing the bowls. Their whole body starts to relax, you can see their shoulders drop, and their breathing slow down as the mind quiets down.
  2. Chakra balance:
    Tap or play the bowl in front of each chakra with the intention to use the sound to help clear and balance the chakra.
    If using a heavy bowl – hold it comfortably and sound the bowl with the intention that the sound go to the crown chakra for example.
  3. Clearing:
    The bowl, especially a practitioner bowl with a handle, can be used in the field to clear or reset the field.
  4. Altered state:
    The bowl can be used to explore deep levels or altered states of consciousness.
  5. Toning:
    Tone with the bowl, tapping on each breath, or just play it with a stick around the rim as you tone. Allow your intention to be carried both on the sound of your voice and the bowl.
  6. Stimulate the Natural Healing Ability of the Body:
    Crystal singing bowls can be helpful in stimulating the natural healing ability of the body. The altered state created from playing a singing bowl also contributes to this. Make sure that the sound carries your intention if this is the result you with to create.

Many ways to use both the singing crystal bowls and the singing Tibetan bowls are covered in our Sound Wellness programs through the Sound Wellness Institute. Click here to learn more about how Sound Wellness can support your health and well-being.