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bone flute believed to be over 40,000 years oldThere are two flutes, found in Europe, that are believed to predate our use of language.

Think about that.

It is likely that we had music BEFORE we could speak to each other with words!

It’s one of our first healers!

The use of sound to heal is as old as the human family itself. We evolved with sound healing.

It’s in the genetic memory of every human being on the planet.

And in these chaotic times, where we are inundated with sound and noise – we’ve lost touch with that memory.

Too much noise over stimulates your nervous system. Leading to increased stress.

And we already have enough of that.

All of my blogs are aimed at triggering that ancient memory you have inside of you.

Of how deeply you are wired for sound.

And how effective sound is at resetting your entire being for normal, natural healthy patterns.

Sound (and music) also awakens your soul and your soul’s purpose.

And right now, our human family and our beautiful planet needs the collective song of all awakened and awakening souls to sing a new way of being.

Connected to heart and soul. Reminders of who we really are at our essence.

Where to begin?

With what is already here!

The Four Elements of Effective Sound Healing

In the next few blogs, I will be sharing with you the four elements of effective sound healing.

To give you knowledge and tools to awaken your ancient memory with sound.

They are:

  1. Recorded Music
  2. Sound Tools
  3. Your Voice
  4. YOU are unique!

The First Element

The first element of effective sound Healing is Recorded Music.

The right choice of sound or music can effortlessly

  • create relaxation
  • reduce or eliminate pain
  • boost your immune system
  • diminish depression
  • dissolve emotional blocks
  • stimulate the natural healing ability of your body
  • accelerate growth in consciousness
  • give you peace
  • and so much more.

How does music do this?

The answer to this question is resonance and entrainment.

Breathing, heartrate and brainwave states are all intimately connectedNot many people know that when you walk into your local grocery store where there is music playing, it takes only minutes for your heartbeat to match the beat of the music.

There is no off switch to this response. It works whether or not you’re paying any attention to the music.


This process is called entrainment.

Your heartbeat is affected by the rhythm of the music. This takes about 5 minutes.

Your altered heartbeat then affects your breathing rhythm and your brainwave state.

These 3 systems are intimately connected. When you affect one of them, you affect all three.

There is a great deal of music that has been specifically designed to reduce stress, increase productivity, maintain focus, stimulate the immune system, enhance creativity and more.
These are only a few examples.


Resonance is defined as the frequency at which something naturally vibrates. Like a tuning fork, an oxygen atom, your desk, your cells, your heart.

EVERYTHING has a natural frequency – or sound.

Many of these natural frequencies can be affected or changed by other frequencies in the environment.

You are a mixture of an orchestra of frequencies of all of the sounds of every part of you – singing together all at once.

This is your resonance.

That orchestra, or your resonance, changes its tune all the time.

For example – when you walk into a busy mall – your resonance changes.

When you walk into a forest – your resonance changes.

Your resonance, beginning with your heartbeat, changes with the beat and rhythm of the music around you, as I mentioned earlier.

Your resonance is also affected by low sounds – like a tuba or subwoofer, and by high sounds – like flutes and birdsong.

This leads to two principles to keep in mind when you want to use music or sound for your health:

1. Low frequency sounds and slow rhythms tend to discharge excess nervous energy – like stress – from the nervous system.
When you have had a really tough day – reach for sounds that discharge that energy and create more relaxation – slow rhythms and deep bass.

2. High frequency sounds and fast rhythms charge the nervous system.
When you need to stay more alert reach for higher frequencies, like flute or clarinet, and faster rhythms.

I trust this gives you a new way to look at your music collection.

This also gives you some guidelines to use when you are looking for music to create a specific effect – like helping you sleep, or helping you focus when you need to be productive, or stimulating your immune system and so much more.

Let me share with you some of the CDs I have created on my own and with other people.

All of our Sound Wellness CDs have been created with specific intentions. Here is a list of them and how you can use them.

Until Christmas, all of our CDs are on sale for 30% off. Click on the images for more information, and to view liner notes, etc.

Note that discounts will be applied on check-out.


Woodland Song CD cover

Woodland Song” is an hour of the sounds of soft bubbling water and forest birds that offers you a highly focused mind and a relaxed body – effortlessly. Just play it softly in the background as you work.

Use “Blissful Chimes” when you really need to slow down the 90-mile an hour mind. That mind that just keeps on going and keeps you up at night. It can also be used when you – or a client – need deep relaxation and recharging.

Blissful Chimes CD cover

Daily Serenity CD cover

Daily Serenity” is something to use when you really get knocked off balance and need some help. The track, “Reset” contains some of the most powerful healing sounds I know to reset your entire being to a higher vibration, stimulating health and healing. The “Grounding Meditation” will help you become grounded and present – even when you are surrounded by chaos. The gentle “Flute Meditation” creates calm and grounding.

A note about grounding here – the epidemic of stress we are all experiencing right now creates a disconnect with the thinking part of your brain. And disconnects your heart from everything. Grounding bypasses this response – gives you your brain back – heart connection – and allows you effectively make the difference in the world that you are here to make.

If you are looking for more tools to help with grounding. Check out my free webinar in The Wellness Universe Lounge called “Stress Free Holidays.” You can watch the recording here:

Transmutation, shed the negative” is a powerful companion to help in the release of negative energy. This CD had direct divine assistance from Archangel Gabriel. The full story is in the liner notes. You can check it out here if you are curious:

Transmutation, shed the negative CD cover

Cool-on-my-Skin CD cover

Cool on my Skin” is a gentle chakra balancing and emotional cleansing with poetry by Cindy Waites and classical guitar by Sharon Carne.

Ancient Voices” by Cindy Johnston and Sharon Carne. This Two CD set allows you to create a program of meditational healing you design. With 8 tracks, with varied intentions, you can mix and match what tracks call to you to support personal healing through sacred sound and ceremony.

Ancient Voices CD cover

Sabrina’s Gift CD cover

Sabrina’s Gift” by Nola Peacock and sound by Sharon Carne was created as a gift for any parent who has experienced a miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth, SIDS or the loss of a child at any age. Whether your loss occurred last week or 20 years ago, being able to connect with your child’s spirit is a healing and life changing experience, bringing you a sense of peace, joy and hope.

Canine Companion Meditations” by Ma Ananda Sanghavasini with music by Sharon Carne gives you increased awareness in training sessions, deeper understanding, strengthening the bond with our canine companion, a calmer pooch and joyful person.

Canine Companion Meditations CD cover

Gifts and Gratitude CD cover

Gifts and Gratitude: Connect with the Energy of Numbers” by Vikki MacKinnon and Sharon Carne you are guided on a solitary journey of empowerment. You receive gifts that are yours to keep and strengths that you may call upon at any time. You connect with your Inner Self. You connect with your Greatness. You connect on all levels with the Energy and Spirit of Numbers.