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A word about Tweets and Posts

This is Ed speaking. . . I must admit that I’m not a tweet expert. But there are some things that I want to pass on that are very important to us.

First and foremost, I want to ensure that you are credited for sales driven from your leads. And so in my investigation of how to best accomplish that, I have uncovered a few things. (And please, if you have suggestions to improve conversions, to better connect an affiliate to the sale, I would love to hear from you.) Our objective is to make you as successful as possible, and yes, that makes us more successful too!

And so I have a few suggestions for you.

  • Feel free to make the tweets your own. If you want to alter the tweet to better suit your voice, or your audience, please do so.
  • The promotional tweets do not have an affiliate link embedded in them. To have your affiliate link properly embedded, please do the following:
  1. Login to your affiliate account at Use the user name and password you selected when you signed up. If you have forgotten either, I can retrieve your username, but I cannot see your password. So you can email me for your user name, and then go to the link above and click on “Forgot your Password”. Then follow the instructions to recover your password.
  2. Once logged in, select “Link Generator” under Resources, and then look for Cash Flow Rollercoaster. Your link is the code to the right – It will look like “” where AFFILIATE_CODE is your unique partner code. Copy this code.
  3. Go to a link generator like bitly (, or ( Both have free versions for just shortening links. Paste your full code where it tells you to, and it will generate a shortened link. This link, unlike ours, will now contain your affiliate link.
  4. Replace our link with yours.

In Health and Harmony.