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Start the New Year with a Sound Tune-Up

Webinar Replay

We are natural harmonizers! We harmonize with what is in our environment – like a co-worker who always complains. We harmonize with thoughts and beliefs, like – everything is so hard or I always get sick during the holidays.

When you harmonize with the hectic pace of the holidays, of being “Crazy Busy”, you often end up with:

  • Sleepless nights
  • Catching every cold and flu that comes around
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Getting upset easily
  • And more…

Yet, we thrive on harmony – even if it is just moments of harmony in a full day. Your soul needs this! When your soul is fed with harmony – your whole being responds with health and well-being!

And when you have found harmony, you will become:

  • Calm and at ease.
  • Present in your surroundings.
  • Connected. Connected to yourself. Connected to your friends and family. Connected to the world around you.
  • Happy. Happy with who you are. Happy with your life. And happy in your successes.
  • And more…

Join me on a journey into harmony. You are a natural resonator for sound. Experience how quickly sound can help you shift into harmony and ease.

What you’ll take away from this event . . .

  • Discover how easily the right sound and music can influence your health and wellbeing.
  • Experience sound solutions to help restore balance, bringing harmony to your day
  • Expand your ability to be resilient, strong, healed and healthy, determined, happy, creative and powerful. Throughout 2017.

run time: 1:12:46


A quick note about the webinar: There are 2 listening exercises during the webinar that required listeners to visit our website to listen – webinar software does not handle audio files well. You will not have to do that as I have included them in the recording above. If you would like to listen to them on-line at any time, you can do so at

There is a handout that accompanies this webinar. Click here to download the pdf file.

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