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Toning at Lake Louise

toning at Lake LouiseEach year on Easter Sunday a few of us travel to tone at Lake Louise. The purpose of the toning is to support the awakening of humanity. There is a vortex of energy at Lake Louise and it was our understanding that this energy is available to assist others with their spiritual awakening and/or growth. Thousands of people visit this lake every year drawn by its great beauty and amazing energy. For those who work with angels, it is also believed to be the home of Archangel Michael.


These pictures are from previous tonings at Lake Louise. As you can see, we got a surprise when we arrived at Lake Louise and found at least 3 feet of snow.


We invite anyone who is interested to come and join us.

What to bring:

  • blanket(s),
  • a tarp (or something waterproof to sit on),
  • a thermos of warm fluid,
  • water,
  • a lunch for an outdoor picnic in the snow following the toning  
  • your sense of adventure.

We will meet at the lakeshore or at boathouse on your left as you face the lake. We will be starting at 11:00 am, so plan on arriving a little early.

This event is free. Sharon does this as a public service.

Please note: If the weather is really bad and the roads are not safe, the toning will be cancelled.

Please call us if the weather is questionable prior to heading out.

You can register by completing and submitting the form below. Note that registering is not necessary to attend – this is a drop in event, but if the event is cancelled due to the weather, we will contact all those who have registered to let them know.


When you confirm your email, you’ll receive a link to download Woodland Song – a 60 minute track of two of the healthiest sounds known – birdsong and water.

For improved focus and concentration, for relaxation, and quiet peace.