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This is a question I hear often.

Tibetan and crustal bowlsBefore answering this question, I would like to take a few moments to talk about sound.

Remember – sound is a very physical energy. As vibrational energy, it goes through you faster than it goes through the air.

In order for sound to move, it has to push against atoms and molecules. If one atom or molecule pushes towards another, then it is pushed back, just like the effect of two North poles on two magnets.

As the sound energy continues, it creates wave after wave of the atoms and molecules around it. That could be the air or you!
Sound actually moves in three dimensions like an expanding bubble that sends everything in its wake into a state of vibration.

Sound is also food for your nervous system. Sound energy stimulates the release of hormones from your nervous system. These can be hormones that support health or dis-ease.

If the source of this sound is something like traffic noise, it can stimulate wave after wave that creates a stress response from your nervous system.

If the source of the sound is something like nature sounds, it can stimulate wave after wave that creates a relaxation response from your nervous system.

To me, an old Tibetan singing bowl is like a shower of frequencies and waves that wash over me and through me.

I call this a Sonic Massage.

When you consider that, at the atomic level, you are 99% empty space, have you ever asked the question, “What occupies that empty space inside of me?”

To me, that ‘empty space’ is filled with my soul and emotional energy. That emotional energy can be free and flowing or it can be stuck and heavy.

As I experience the Sonic Massage from an old Tibetan bowl, it massages many of the stuck places allowing them to become free and flowing again.

Tibetan singing bowls are remarkably effective tools for meditation, relaxation, stress relief, healing, transformation and so much more.

Crystal singing bowls act more like a laser.

Because they are made from 99% quartz, they have the capacity to work with human thought and intention for very specific or very broad goals.

Please refer to my recent article about working with crystal singing bowls and the power of working with quartz.

Crystal bowls are well suited for working with specific intentions, like pain relief in a certain area of the body or chakra clearing. They are also wonderful for meditation, relaxation and so much more.

One of my favorite way to use both types of bowls is to allow the sound of the old Tibetan singing bowl to shake up and release anything that is ready to go. Once that is complete, I welcome the sound of the crystal singing bowl to stimulate healing and fill the body with high vibration.

If you are itching to learn more about these remarkable healing tools and more, we teach all about them in our programs, in addition to how and why healing music works, tuning forks and how to use the magic of your own voice for healing.

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