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Stress Free Holidays !

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About the Webinar:

Does any of this sound familiar?

—You have too much to do?

—You can’t keep up?

—You’re caught up in a Frenzied pace?

—Your immune system is compromised – flus and colds?

—Your blood pressure is up?

By being here, you are making the time for a breath of fresh air. And you are giving yourself time to ground into the real energy of the season – Peace and Joy.

Experience for yourself effective tools to use when you start feeling frenzied. How you respond to a situation, especially a stressful one, is your choice. It doesn’t change the amount of ‘things to do.’ However you can choose to approach this Holiday Season from a different frame of mind, bring more ease to your day.

In this complimentary webinar, give yourself the time for a ‘breath of fresh air.’ Pour yourself a cup of tea – or eggnog – and prepare yourself for an hour and fifteen minutes of delicious self-care.

The meditation that we do during this webinar will be available as a free download for all participants. Re-visit it often to restore your sense of calm and peace!




Run time: 01:21:19


To access the downloads that accompany this webinar, visit:


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