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Help Us Choose a Name for our on-line Store

We need your help, so we’re running a naming contest. The winner will receive a gift certificate for $150 to be used in the store, or on any of our programs. The runner-up will receive $50 gift certificate.

Our store has never had a name, apart from the Sound Wellness Store. And it’s always been embedded in the website.

It’s time for a change. And so we’re looking for a new name for the store that we can build a unique website around.

Click for contest details.

When deciding on a name to submit, please consider that Sound Wellness was founded on several key principles.

  • Our clients, and our customers deserve exceptional products and service. We do not, and will not sell based on price. We sell based on value. We source only superior sound tools, and products that support both your own self care, and that of your clients (if you are a practitioner).
  • We are a family business with an exceptional team of people who share our values, and who support our vision.
  • Our reach is global. We have shpped product to Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and throughout North America.

Have fun with it! We look forward to seeing your suggestions.