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Sound Wellness logoStress has become the Health Epidemic
of the 21st Century . . .

. . . according to the World Health Organization.

And the US Center for Disease Control has reported that over half of all deaths of those under 65 are due to conditions brought on by stress.

Stress that most of us are completely unaware of!

Science has now documented that some of the most powerful tools to manage stress are within the realm of sound and music.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce The Sound Wellness Foundation – offered LIVE in this special encore presentation!

Introducing the Sound Wellness Foundation

– special on-line program –

(4 Wednedsay evenings, starting October 19th
from 7:00-8:15 pm MDT / 9:00-10:15 EDT)

Like so many things, you need to start with a strong foundation. And that’s why this program was created. To give you simple and easy to use tools you can use right now! And to provide something solid to build on if you choose to take additional programs.

In this live on-line broadcast, you’ll learn:

Why sound is such an important tool.

We begin with a discussion of the #1 health problem. Chronic stress. This is insidious, because most of us are suffering from symptoms of stress and aren’t even aware of it. And ignoring that stress, or being unaware of it doesn’t lessen the serious consequences.

You’ll learn about the science of sound and why it is so essential to your health and wellness! And why it’s such a powerful stress-buster!

All about Recorded Sound.

Explore the effect of recorded sound. Feel for yourself how rhythm changes your heartbeat. Feel it move your emotions. Discover how the right sound and music can reduce your stress, improve your focus and concentration, or help you get a good night’s sleep.

Sound tools that work in seconds.

Experience the sound of tuning forks that have been proven to stimulate the most essential natural cellular cycle for health and wellbeing – the Nitric Oxide cycle -– critical to supporting your immune system, your digestion, your heart, and so much more.

And explore the deep peace created by the sounds of singing Tibetan and Crystal bowls. Move into the realm of connection with your essence.

The most powerful tool you’ll ever own!

Explore your voice – the most powerful healing tool you have. Your voice is created inside of you and resonates every cell in your body with every sound that you make.

Feel the effect of your own voice as it creates an instant response in your being. Tune your entire being and connect with infinite possibility as you explore your voice deeper.


We offer the Sound Wellness Foundation video program for $197.

But you attend the on-line webinar for FREE!



I would love to attend the webinar series.

No charge to attend



In Health and Harmony,