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If you have:

  • Aging Parents
  • Clients under your care
  • Ailing children, siblings, and other family members
  • Patients undergoing medical care

Share what you have learned with those closest to you, and those who need it most.

You have already experienced the Sound Wellness Fundamentals, and you have learned about some amazing tools to manage the moments – the moments of stress that can knock you off balance.

And you have integrated Sound Wellness deeply into your day with Sound Wellness in Harmony, where the moments no longer matter.

But if you are a Practitioner . . .

Or if there is someone you care about that needs your support . . .

I invite you to join us for . . .

Sound Wellness Practitioner!

Five full days of practicing with others.

Practice using your voice for lasting healing. Discover how technology can be used to analyze your voice, revealing secrets long forgotten.

Practice with the Tibetan Bowls, And the Crystal Bowls. The gongs, and more.

Exand your skills with the tuning forks, working with sets intended to balance the chakras, and bring harmony to your day.

Working in groups of 3 – a giver, a receiver, and an observer, you’ll become fluent with these powerful tools. And gain confidence in using them with others.


The program is available for $3397. You are welcome to bring a guest (a family members and/or a business partner) for $2377.

Registrants must have completed Sound Wellness Fundamentals, and Sound Wellness in Harmony before registering for Sound Wellness Practitioner.

Note that this is a Certification program. In order to be certified to use the tools and methods we teach, you must first be tested to demonstrate that you are competent to use them appropriately with others.

Our Guarantee:

Our Money-back GuaranteeAs with all of our programs, I am going to make this as Risk-Free for you as I possibly can. Because I know this program will make a world of difference for you.

Simply register for the event that’s best for you, come to all 5 days and participate fully, complete your Sound Wellness Blueprint of the sounds and music that you know work for you, and then get out there and use it!

If, for whatever reason, you don’t find it to be useful, let me know, and I’ll give you Your Tuition back!

In fact, you can try the information for up to a FULL YEAR after the program, and the offer still stands.

You have absolutely nothing to lose . . . and your health to gain. To bring more ease to your day, simply click to save your seat. And I’ll see you soon.





Calgary, AB

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Yes, I’m interested, but I still have some questions – Before I register, I’d like some more information:

To view our pricing for packages – many people register for several of our programs, Click to view our Packages

To speak with us about any of our programs, including practitioner certification, just click on the button below. And we’ll send you back a link with some available times to talk, so we can answer all of your questions.


In Health and Harmony,