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Take a moment to ask yourself these three questions:

  • How successful do I consider my business to be?
  • Do I have all the clients that I would like?
  • Am I satisfied with my (financial) results?

If you are happy with your answers, then read no further.

But if you are ready for more, then take a look at:

The Business of Business program

Because we understand. We understand that most business owners would rather spend their time working IN their business than ON their business.

After all, your passion lies in your gifts, and how your gifts can support your clients.

The simple truth is that very few practitioners spend as much time as they ought to, working on their business.

And the results reflect the attention.

We believe there are two main reasons this happens:

  1. It’s not your passion.
  2. You don’t know how.

For most, the reason is the latter – when you became a practitioner, it’s unlikely that you received any training in managing the business side of your business

That’s why we created The Business of Business program.

We start by identifying your WHY! Why are you a practitioner? Why did you choose this path? Why are you driven to be successful? Without a powerful WHY, success is unlikely. This is the keystone upon which your entire business rests.

Next we’ll discover who your clients really are. Most businesses try to market their products / services to the world. That never works. You have to speak to your client through your marketing material, to get their attention and to gain their trust. You have to know who they are. Do you specialize in men, or women? young or old? suffering from a particular condition? We’ll help you identify who it is that you really serve.

We’ll then create a framework for a simplified business plan and marketing plan. We’ll look at where your business is today, and where you wnat to be in a year, in 5 years. We’ll lay the foundation for your roadmap to achieve your goals.

And we’ll work on getting your message out, so that you STAND OUT! There are a lot of people offering a lot of products and services that compete with what you offer. You can succeed amidst that competition by standing out, so that are perceived as the expert – as the one best suited to working through your clients challenges with them.

  • We’ll look at how new clients can find you.
  • We’ll look at creating an effective website – one that accurately conveys your message to your perfect client.
  • We’ll look at social media – how to target your audience, without getting trapped in the pitfalls of social media – the things that can distract you for hours without any return.
  • We’ll look at how you offer your products and services for maximum benefit for both you and your client.
  • And we’ll look at keeping your clients – how to hold on to clients for life!

By the end of our time together, you’ll have the tools to achieve your goals. If you truly believe that you are here to support others, then you must also believe that you have a social responsibility to do so. The world needs you, and your gifts.


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