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Listen to the Singing Bowls

14 inch Frosted Classic Bowl

This singing bowl is the largest one I own and has the musical note of C which represents the Root Chakra. This bowl is particularly good for grounding.


9 inch Frosted Classic Bowl

The frosted bowl feels a little rough on the outside, is smooth on the inside and is a white opaque colour. This bowl resonates at a frequency of about 208 Hz or a G#. This tone represents the zeal point chakra, at the base of the skull.


9 inch Platinum-Gold Bowl

This bowl has a musical note between F and F#, the notes associated with the heart and the thymus gland. This bowl is an alchemical bowl. It is a frosted classic bowl with platinum bonded to the outside and gold bonded to the inside. Platinum is a silver colour often associated with the feminine and gold (or yellow colour) is often associated with the masculine.


8 inch clear quartz Bowl

This singing bowl is made of clear quartz. It has two musical tones, a low sound which is between A# and B, and also has a higher overtone sound close to the musical note, D.  The note B represents the crown chakra and the note A# is associated with the pineal gland, brain and mind. The note D is associated with the sacral chakra.


7 inch practitioner bowl

This is an alchemical bowl. It has iron bonded to the crystal and has the musical note A, which represents the third eye chakra.  The third eye represents higher wisdom.


7 inch diamond – rose quartz bowl

The musical note of this bowl is D# and the energy is Polarity. The blue colour is diamond bonded to the outside of the bowl, and inside there are a few small spots of pink quartz that soften the energy of the diamond. The energy of diamond is brilliance, clarity and integrity.





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