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Introduction from Sharon:

I’ve known Darcy Wallen for a few years now and have been privileged to watch her integrate her musical talent with her psychotherapy talent and experience.  I love her music and the huge heart with which she creates it. Her new CD program is really a one of a kind – a brilliant blend of relaxation, meditation and healing sound. There is something here for EVERYBODY! I’m so excited to share this article about her with you!

Here is the testimonial I wrote for her for her Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to produce this this CD:

Every once in a while a project comes along that captures my attention and imagination because of its integrity, scope and uniqueness. There really are no albums out there like this. Why? Because it offers solutions that you can apply to almost every situation in your everyday life. Because it respects that we are each unique in our experience of sound and music and gives us choices for how we want to experience each track. Because it is based on solid research. Because it was created by Darcy Wallen who has the perfect qualifications for such an album, an experienced therapist and a musician. This album will offer you moments of peace and healing when you really need it. 

Sound Therapy Goes Kosher

Sound Solutions CD cover

Darcy Wallen (a.k.a. Rus Devorah), lcsw has used her many years of experience to create a unique set of sound healing recordings.

Over 35 years ago, in an era where many people were getting involved in Transcendental Meditation (TM), The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, spoke out about the importance of creating a meditation format that people could benefit from without unintentionally dabbling in Eastern Religious practice. Although The Rebbe addressed this talk to a Jewish audience in the ‘70s, there was and remains a growing need for (religiously neutral) health-based meditations and relaxation recordings. In response to the Rebbe’s unheeded call, Wallen has created a unique set of sound therapy recordings called, “NOGA™ Sound Solutions, Vol. 1 – Listen Your Way To Wellness: Audio Rx for Today’s World.”

The album uses researched-based techniques that people from all backgrounds and religious practices will be comfortable using.  It is designed to help individuals learn to take time out from the stress and pressures of today’s world. “I’ve been developing relaxation recordings for the past 15 years for private use with my clients and students,” said Wallen, “and I’ve seen that healing audio is one of the most useful tools in my arsenal.”

“The Rebbe spoke about meditation as medication,” said Wallen.  This was before MRI’s existed, and today the positive effects are even visible on brain scans. If there was a need for people to disconnect from all of the stimuli back in the ‘70s, before laptops, smartphones, social media, texting, etc., how much more so is it critical for our mental, emotional and physical well-being, now?!”

The Rebbe’s vision, coupled with an ever-growing need in today’s society to unwind and unplug, has fueled renowned speaker and psychotherapist Darcy Wallen, lcsw to finally disseminate the Rebbe’s wish. Drawing on her musical background, her 25 years of professional therapeutic experience, and her extensive knowledge of sound healing and meditation, Wallen has created a unique set of sound therapy recordings.

The NOGA™ Sound Solutions provides simple, meditations and relaxation exercises. There will be over 20 recordings, including: safe place guided imagery; body scan; progressive muscle relaxation (PMR); basic beginner’s meditations; a children’s meditation; and a longer, more advanced meditation. These recordings will also be available with additional sound healing tracks (such as nature sounds and more), so individuals can personalize their practice.

Wallen said, “Listeners will experience improvement of mood and energy, a decrease in anxiety, and even an enhanced immune response. By doing even 5-10 minutes a day, one will begin to feel benefit within a short time. The recordings will enable people to help nurture and heal themselves as they learn to take a time out. By listening to these recordings, people have the opportunity to practice an act of self-compassion that I hope they will embrace!”

Wallen has taken a unique approach to this project, by launching an Indiegogo Campaign, with the goal of raising awareness and completing production of this very important work. You can get more information and pre-order the album at –


About Darcy Wallen:

Darcy WallenDarcy (a.k.a. Rus Devorah) Wallen, lcsw, acsw, is an alumna of Wurzweiler School of Social Work –Yeshiva University, as well as College Conservatory of Music—University of Cincinnati, and Machon Alta Women’s Institute—Safed, Israel. She is a motivational entertainer, psychotherapist and consultant social worker, community leader and accomplished musician. Displaying unusual versatility as an educator, she conducts workshops and programs on various themes ranging from emotional wellbeing and marriage enhancement to Chassidic philosophy, mindfulness, music, and religious practice. Most recently, she has embarked on producing music that is not only calming, but therapeutic.