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It’s got to start Somewhere!

what direction do i take?Back in what I call my ‘dark ages,’ (i.e. my 20s), I was teaching public school in a small town in northern Ontario. And would take university courses in the summer toward completing my degree.

To be honest, I didn’t even know what to major in for the degree. I had a bunch of courses in several disciplines that never really interested me.

When I was in high school, I really enjoyed my music lessons on the classical guitar, so one summer, I took a music course.

I TOTALLY fell in love! I was a complete sponge with this subject!

I went to one of the professors and asked what I had to do to enter the university program as a music major. This was a pretty weird request because I had only had about a year and a half of lessons in classical guitar.

Well, the professor said that I needed to pass a Grade 8 performance exam in Classical Guitar, a Grade 6 exam in piano and I needed theory requirements up to the Grade 2 level. I had never studied piano or theory.

I said OK and left his office.

So when I returned to my teaching job in September, I called the Conservatory in Toronto and asked them where the nearest teacher was who taught classical guitar up to the Grade 8 level.

There is a teacher in Sault Ste Marie, I was told. Well, that was an eight hour drive from where I lived and I had no car. In fact I did not even drive at the time.

Are you On Fire?

But I was on FIRE!

I HAD to find a way to get into this music program. At least this small town had bus service.

So I called the teacher in Sault Ste Marie and arranged for one classical guitar lesson a month on Saturday morning for an hour.

highway busSo once a month, I hopped on the bus on Friday night, spent all night on the bus, took a taxi to my teacher’s house, had my lesson, took a taxi back to the bus depot, hung around the bus depot for the rest of the day, hopped on the bus on Saturday evening, spent all night on the bus and arrived back home on Sunday morning.

In addition to this, I also rented a piano and started piano and theory lessons. At least this small town had a piano and theory teacher.

It took me two years.

I passed the Grade 8 exam, passed the Grade 2 theory exam, went on to study harmony and passed the Grade 4 piano exam.

As soon as I got my results in the early summer, I applied to the Queen’s University music program.

I didn’t have Grade 6 piano, but they accepted my application on the condition that I complete the Grade 6 piano exam by the end of my first year in the music program.

So by that September, I was a student in the music program.

Since then, I was certain that my life’s purpose had something to do with music. I love teaching music and classical guitar, especially to kids.

But there was still a deep niggling feeling that I didn’t have the whole picture yet.

For as long as I can remember, I have also been fascinated with spiritual literature, self development and holistic healing.

But this always seemed like a ‘side interest,’ and not my main purpose for being here.

As I continued growing this spiritual path, that niggling feeling started to become more than a niggling feeling.

I began to feel that my deeper purpose had to do with consciousness, but had no clarity on what that was.

And I knew that I would not be teaching guitar as much. I loved teaching guitar.

So I stalled. I stalled for two years.

You Can Stall Evolution, but You Can’t Stop It!

Then, one day, I was listening to a wonderful speaker at a networking luncheon several years ago.

 She brought up the question about life purpose. And as I contemplated her question, I had a sudden insight.  

I knew the answer. My life’s purpose is to serve the awakening of humanity.
For millennia, sound and music has always be one of humanity’s great tool of awakening.

Sound Wellness was born as my way to walk this purpose out into the world.

Have you ever experienced these niggling feelings? Have you had the experience of being ON FIRE about something?

One thing I have come to understand about life purpose is that it EVOLVES as we do!

Are you feeling the evolution of your life’s purpose right now?

Would a little more clarity be helpful?

If you are interested in digging into this contemplation about your soul purpose a little deeper, If you are interested in taking your holistic practice to the next level, I invite you to consider certification as a Sound Wellness Practitioner.

The use of sound and music as a healer has been with us for thousands of years. And it complements most modalities seamlessly.

The programs offered by Sound Wellness are now credentialed by the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPCA). Members of NHPCA can earn credits for attending. Non-members can apply to join the NHPCA after completing Level 2 certification.

If this calls to you, please click below to learn more, or to register. Our next program runs June 12-14 in Calgary.

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