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Sound Wellness – Self Paced Program

The Next Best Thing?

The Sound Wellness Solution is an amazing event. And yes, for many it has been life changing. We have emails from our participants saying “ I’m still in nursing because of the Sound Wellness Solution”. Or “When I woke up this morning I had the most energy I’ve had for the last 3 years if not more.”

But it takes time and travel to attend. Something that makes it a challenge for many.

We understand.

Here’s some great news for you!

We created an alternative to the live workshop . . .

the Sound Wellness Self Paced Program.

It contains as much of the essence of the live program as we we possibly could. Now recorded entirely on video, you can view it from your computer, your tablet, even your smart phone when ever you like.

And perhaps the best part is that it’s available either as a one time purchase where you get immediate access to the entire program, or as a monthly plan over 8 months. You choose what’s best for you!

Discover for yourself how to easily manage stress, to manage pain, and to stimulate the natural healing response of the entire body with ‘Sound Science’!

The Sound Wellness Self Paced Program will:

  • Teach you our ‘Sound Science’ program for instantly reducing stress and pain so you can feel better, sleep better, enjoy better health and get the feeling of freedom back in your life today!
  • Help you enjoy stronger relationships with family, friends, and your partner, so you can increase that loving connection and intimacy (and yes, that means better SEX too!).
  • Reduce irritability so you can feel calm and peaceful.
  • Give you effective and proven tools for Self Care – you’ll no longer have to feel overworked, overwhelmed and drained.
  • Help you strengthen your health, give your immune system a serious boost, and stimulate the body’s natural healing system.
  • Provide you a solid introduction to using sound and music for yourself or with your clients.


Here is what you get with the Self-Paced program:

  • Immediate Access to the Online Self Study Program (so you can get started right away)
  • 6 Months of Daily Toning Moments to Help Integrate Everything into Your Daily Routine. Use them by yourself or with your clients.
  • 12 Months of Monthly Mentoring Calls, to help keep you on track.
  • The Serenity System, Which Includes e-copies of Sharon’s Book, Listen From the Inside Out’, 3 CDs, and 2 Videos to Support You Right NOW in Managing Stress


Carmen Hansen & CJ Nwaribe


Our Guarantee:


We want to make this program a Risk-Free proposition for you because we know it will make a world of difference to you in your life, just like it has the 1000’s of we’ve impacted with our events.

So if for whatever reason, you don’t find it to be useful. . . let us know and we’ll give you Your Tuition back!


In fact, you can try the information for up to a FULL YEAR after you start the program, and the offer still stands. You have absolutely nothing to lose . . . and only your health happiness to gain!

I want full access now



In Health and Harmony,



Sharon CarneSharon Carne, the creator of Sound Wellness programs, has spoken on the subject many times for organizations including the National Health, Work and Wellness conference, the Integrative Health Institute at Mount Royal University, the Alberta Health Region conference on Chronic Disease Management, the Manitoba Health Region, the Mental Health Commission of Canada, Canadian Blood Services, the Calgary Health Region, the University of Calgary Medical School, the City of Calgary, numerous teacher conferences including Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer and Medicine Hat, and numerous corporations. She has been interviewed by Global TV, CBC Radio, The Calgary Herald, and countless other radio programs and magazines.


p.s. Here is what some of our participants are saying about Sound Wellness:

Sharon and Ed are perfectly suited to deliver Sound Wellness workshops. They bring a sound (no pun intended) balance between science and spirituality. They created a perfect balance of theoretical and experiential approach. I had no idea where the three days went. It made me long for more of that energy the two of them create so brilliantly in their workshops.

Shamir Ladhani, P.Eng., M. Eng, SMIEE.
President Panther Power Corporation,
HeartMath Practitioner / Trainer

Sound Wellness has unlimited value for stress reduction, overall wellness and personal growth. Sound fills our lives in endless ways. Raising our awareness and options for health and happiness inside the sound in our lives brings great rewards.

Janice Smylie, PhD, CCHt, NLP, TFT,
EFT Practitioner and Trainer

When I think back over this last year for the things that have impacted me and for which I am most grateful it is for Sharon and Ed Carne and their Sound Wellness programs. My sister and I have taken a few of their programs and the results of their sound healing teachings are astounding and long lasting.
When I did one of their advanced courses in the summer I had not been feeling well on and off for a couple of weeks prior to the course. On the last day of the course I woke feeling really ill and did not know how I was going to make the 90 minute drive home much less the whole day of class. I really did not want to miss the class so I went in hopes that Sharon could work some magic and make me feel better. It took 2 or 3 sessions during the morning with Sharon and the rest of the class helping at times but I went from wanting to roll up in a ball on the floor in pain to feeling well again. Sound healing works!
I can’t adequately express how supportive Sharon and Ed are to their students and how much I have appreciated that. Learning about sound and its healing possibilities has been amazing. Meeting and getting to know Sharon and Ed has been a gift. If you get the opportunity to give yourself or someone you love this gift I would wholeheartedly recommend it.

Sharon Crooks, LL.B., LL.M.