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webinar – Self Care with Sound Wellness – Replay

Video Replay of our Webinar . . .

Sound Self Care

We live in a noisy and sometimes chaotic world, so much so that our nervous systems have become dull in discerning what sounds nourish us, and what sounds don’t.

Sound affects us deeply from our atoms to our energetic networks, even if we’re ignoring it. It is time to tune our nervous systems to the powerful effects of sound (and music) to create well-being, and to fill our self-care toolkit with some effective ways to make our days easier.

It is time to bring health and harmony back to our families. And the community.

We all deserve a long, healthy, and vibrant life.

Join me on a journey into harmony. You are a natural resonator for sound. Experience how quickly sound can help you shift into harmony and ease.

Watch the replay by clicking below.


Run Time: 01:04:34


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