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Self Care Strategies for Luminous Souls!

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7 Sound Self-Care Tips

Unleash the Healing Power of Sound and Music!

7 Sound Self-Care TipsSound is humanity’s most ancient healer. And modern science is now documenting the human being’s deep and intimate wiring to respond to sound. Sound was our first healer for good reason.

Why is Sound Healing such a powerful modality? Because sound works at the basic foundation of matter itself – as vibrational energy.

Sound is an energy that, combined with your intention, can CHANGE HOW MATTER ITSELF VIBRATES.

This guide is a great introduction to just how powerful sound is, some of it’s huge benefits, and how it can be incorporated into your routine.

Here is your FREE download of 7 Sound Self-Care Tips.

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Blissful Chimes

Slow Down The 90-Mile An Hour Brain


The sounds in Blissful Chimes consist of a repeated drone of low sounds to slow down breathing and create deep relaxation. The resonant sound of the chimes works on balancing the energy field around and through the body.

Listen to this CD when you wish to experience a deep level of calm and relaxation. Recharge and refresh your energy with this music.

Practitioners will find their clients quickly shift into a deep and quiet relaxation that allows access to deep levels of healing.

Run time: 0:55:55

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Download Blissful Chimes


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