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Sample Videos for Introducing a Webinar

While it is certainly not mandatory, a powerful introduction from you goes a long way to improving the conversion rate of your referrals. And that, of course, translates into higher revenue for you.

Below is a link to download the sample script. I offer this for you, but, and it’s a big but, it must sound like you. Reading a script that I wrote, won’t sound natural for you, and so it won’t be very convincing. When I write scripts for Sharon and I, Sharon always changes the phrasing to suit how she talks. It’s best if you do the same. Use some of it, almost all of it or none of it. It is provided merely as a suggestion. Just keep in mind, that the introduction serves 2 purposes: it endorses Sharon as an expert – someone that has valuable information that your referral needs, and it encourages them to listen to the end. We do an offer at the end of the webinar for the Sound Wellness Solution. And if you truly believe that your referral should attend, you are doing them a dis-service by not encouraging them to do so.

So here are a couple of videos that I put together some time ago for a different webinar. They are just examples – these are what others have done.

Here is the video we did for Fia-Lynne:


And here is one for Lana: