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Is heavy metal rock music harmful?

Rock Band performingThis is a question I hear many times, especially from concerned parents.

I usually answer that question with, “It depends.” Any style of music can have what you might call healing qualities and/or detrimental qualities. You can refer to my blog, The Gift of Heavy Metal Music, to find out more about my answer to this question.

We all know that humanity is experiencing a huge shift in consciousness right now. Many of us feel this in our growing awareness, strengthening integrity, sensitivity to energy and expanded empathy and compassion. Sometimes, though, the shift in consciousness shows up in our lives as challenges.

Certainly, things are much more than they seem. Our perception of our world is expanding.

Cymatics is one scientific field of study that profoundly expands perception. Cymatics is the study of wave form (sound) on matter. Here the invisible is made visible.

So let’s take a look at the effect of a few selections of rock music on water through the cymascope.

Rock music! Visible? I’ve found some fascinating videos of the effect of several selections of rock music on water.

REMEMBER – Sound is a PHYSICAL energy! It goes through you! And as it goes through you it pushes against your atoms and molecules, sending them into a state of vibration.

With images from the cymascope, you can SEE the effect the sound has on water.

As you watch these videos remember that you are 70% water. This music has the same effect on the water within you!

Wait til you see the effect of Lady GaGa’s song, “Poker Face” on water. Check out the video below:

This next video shows some amazing responses of water to Darude’s “Sandstorm.”

And here is one more showing the response of water to “Under Control” by Adam Freeland.