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The Perfect 5th Tuning Forks

The Perfect Fifth Tuning Forks

Sounding the fifth is a general sound tonic. Some of the sound healing benefits of the fifth are: alleviates depression; enhances joint mobility; balances Earth with spirit; directly stimulates nitric oxide release that is anti bacterial, anti viral and enhances the immune system, balances the heart, pituitary gland and sphenoid bone, balances sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.”

If you happen to be in an environment where the sound leaves you feeling a little rattled or unsettled, the sound of the perfect 5th can help restore you to balance. Click below to listen to a 5 minute track of perfect 5th tuning forks. If this sound resonates with you, you can return to it any time.

Download the Perfect 5th Forks


Listen to the Crystal Singing Bowls – “Sir”

7 inch diamond – rose quartz bowl

The musical note of this bowl is D# with an overtone of A. The blue colour is diamond bonded to the outside of the bowl, and inside there are a few small spots of pink quartz that soften the energy of the diamond. The energy of diamond is brilliance, clarity, truth, integrity and soul. Diamond is also the hardest substance. It will cut through anything. When combined with the amplification and other properties of quartz, a diamond bowl can bring great clarity and alignment with your purpose.

For me, playing this bowl connects at a very high spiritual level through the field – giving a strong connection to the soul. It is the most unusual bowl I have ever met. I have nicknamed this bowl “Sir” because of the clarity, intensity and strong “personality.” And big heart.

Download the Crystal Bowl “Sir”


Listen to the Tibetan Singing Bowls

Large Tibetan Bowl

We purchased this bowl from our distributer in the summer of 2010. It was tucked away in her private stock, and was brought out just to show us, but when we played it, the sound was so amazing that we all knew it had to come home with us. The age is unknown, other than it is at least several generations old.


Download the Tibetan Bowl

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Thank you for respecting our music.


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