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One of the ways to create more wellness in our lives is to become more active. Easier said than done for many of us. Especially when those “full” days happen. Yet people are inspiring!

So what happens if you put sound healing, sound therapy, wellness, activity and inner child all together?



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You get the piano stairs!

The experiment shown in the video took place in Odenplan, Stockholm. They wanted to find a way to get more people to use the stairs rather than an escalator.

So they made the stairs into a piano keyboard complete with accurate sounds.

What were their results?

66% more people used the stairs! See for yourself.

And, in the process, each one or group of people created a new piano composition! People are inspiring!

Another thing that absolutely warms my heart is the amazing way that people let their inner child come out to play.

Sound therapy, wellness, activity and inner child in one staircase. I wish I had one of those in my house. You just don’t get any better than that!

Or do you?

If you know of other examples like this please email me with the link. I would love to find more of these gems.