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Three of the healthiest sounds that there are for the human being are water, birdsong and wind.

Birdsong, water and Wind in the forestThe low sounds within water calm your nervous system, slow down your heartbeat lowering blood pressure, slow down your breathing and create a shift in brainwave state to the alpha state. A calming relaxation response.

Birds will stop singing if there is danger nearby. As our human family evolved in nature, birdsong always made us feel safe. We learned to listen for when the birds stopped singing. That’s what told us that danger was near.

In addition to helping us to feeling safe, birdsong consists of high sounds, which charges the nervous system. Also, you never know when a bird is going to sing. Their songs are totally unpredictable.

Your brain loves patterns and constantly looks for them. But the brain can’t find any patterns in birdsong. So the result is, the brain becomes alert, focused and productive.

Wind helps to give you your bearings. It helps you to predict the weather, warning you of an impending storm or allowing you to bask in the gentle sounds of a light summer breeze rustling the leaves of the trees.

SELF CARE ACTION STEP: Here is a gift for you of my CD ‘Woodland Song.’ This is a 60 minute track of gently bubbling water and woodland birds.

Set aside some time this week to play ‘Woodland Song’ quietly in the background while you are doing something else, like cooking and eating dinner or working. After the track has finished, take a few moments to notice your response. Do you feel more relaxed? Or focused? Do you feel some of your energy is restored?

Click below to download “Woodland Song”.

Download Woodland Song