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Nutrition for Your Nervous System

healthy dietIn January, much attention turns toward diet and nutrition. With all of this focus on feeding our bodies well, there is little attention left over to feed the mechanism that RUNS your body – your nervous system.

Sound is food for your nervous system.

Sound surrounds you constantly throughout your day. Your nervous system ‘snacks’ on sound 24/7! What is the diet you are feeding your nervous system? How nutritious is it?

We all know that there is junk food, good food and super food. It is the same with sound and its effect on your nervous system.

Junk sound, like traffic noise, jackhammers, a noisy workplace and noise that makes your skin crawl stimulates the nervous system to release hormones that create more stress.

Most people these days have nervous systems that are highly over-stimulated. Junk sound can contribute to that ‘last straw’ that ends up creating illness or disease.

Good sound stimulates your nervous system to release hormones that create balance, relaxation and health. In fact, the three healthiest sounds you can feed your nervous system are water, birdsong and wind.

The low sounds within water calm your nervous system, slow down your heartbeat lowering blood pressure, slow down your breathing and create a shift in brainwave state to the alpha state. A calming relaxation response.

robin singingBirds will stop singing if there is danger nearby. As our human family evolved in nature, birdsong always made us feel safe. We learned to listen for when the birds stopped singing. That’s what told us that danger was near.

In addition to helping us to feel safe, birdsong consists of high sounds, which charges the nervous system. Also, you never know when a bird is going to sing. Their songs are totally unpredictable.

Your brain loves patterns and constantly looks for them. But the brain can’t find any patterns in birdsong. So the result is, the brain becomes alert, focused and productive.

Wind helps to give you your bearings. It helps you to predict the weather, warning you of an impending storm or allowing you to bask in the gentle sounds of a light summer breeze rustling the leaves of the trees (my favorite).

Super sound stimulates your nervous system to respond with a strong immune system, emotional balance, spiritual connection and vibrant health.

This is what we teach at Sound Wellness. We are passionate about empowering people with tools that last a lifetime! And that can support you in living a life that maximizes your potential and contributes to all of us.

If your heart is urging you to jump into super sound, our next Fundamentals of Healing with Sound and Music program is from Jan 31 to Feb 2.

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