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The human body is a natural resonator for sound. And we are deeply and intimately wired for sound – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

a spinning atom in constant vibrationLet’s take a closer look at what sound is.

Science has shown that everything at the atomic level is constantly moving and vibrating. Sound is defined as vibrational energy. It is one of the few energies that affect how matter itself vibrates.

Sound is a physical energy that travels in a wave and pushes atoms and molecules around as it travels through a medium – like air – and like you!

Yes. Sound goes through you.

Let’s take a closer look at your wiring for sound:

  1. Sound moves through the more fluid parts of your body four and a half times faster than it moves through the air. And twelve times faster through your bones.
  2. Rhythm changes your heartbeat, breathing and brainwaves. This is called entrainment. The music playing in the grocery store changes your heartbeat. And you can’t turn off this response.
  3. Hearing is the first sense that develops in the fetus. Sound stimulates the growth of the brain and nervous system. After you are born, sound continues to feed your nervous system.
  4. Hormones are released whenever you play music or sing with other people – feel good hormones, hormones that bond you with your family and community and hormones that help keep you healthy.

I could go on and on… And all of this is just at the physical level.


In fact, it has been found that sound is actually food for your nervous system.

We all know that there is junk food, good food and super food. There is also junk sound, like traffic noise or a jackhammer. There is good sound, like nature sounds. And there is super sound, like toning chakras, overtone chanting or the perfect Tibetan or crystal singing bowl for you.

Your entire being responds powerfully to good sound and super sound.

Your natural wiring for sound and music is a great asset when you are looking for effective ways to sleep better, improve your health, make your days easier and so much more.

woman listening to music with earbudsBut there is a creeping dullness affecting our nervous systems. For the past 100 years, our world has become increasingly noisy. And our deep need for sound as food for our nervous system has shown up in the proliferation of music everywhere.

Everywhere you go, you see more people with ear buds in their ears than not. Or many homes have constant music, television, computer or radio sounds.

This proliferation of constant sound has dulled our sense of discrimination and discernment of the effect that these sounds are having on our nervous systems.

Many people are missing the role of silence to integrate or discern whether or not a sound in the environment is even supportive.

Many people don’t even feel the difference between junk sound and super sound.
What happens is that many people end up with over stressed or over sensitive nervous systems. And that leads to all kinds of health issues.

In order to support and maintain our wellbeing, every one of us needs to have a good look (or listen) to the sounds in the environment.

No amount of exercising or eating well will make up for the detrimental effects on your nervous system of non-supportive sounds in your environment. It is part of the package of overall wellbeing that is really being missed by so many people.

We need to tune the nervous system to be more discriminating and to become more sensitive to the messages it sends us when sounds become overwhelming or non-supportive.

For our Sound Wellness practitioners, this is essential.

The Sound Wellness Fundamentals workshop is the first place to go to begin to retune your sensitivity and understanding of the profound effect sound has on your nervous system. It’s where people learn how to discern what sounds really nourish them.

In our workshops, all of our participants express how grateful they are for the blend of science and mysticism of sound that they experience in our trainings. And how much this benefits their practice, their clients, their family and their personal lives.

Superfood indeed!