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Recorded Music and Sound Tools – The First Two Elements of Effective Sound Healing

In previous blogs last month, you learned about how recorded music can effortlessly

  • create relaxation
  • reduce or eliminate pain
  • boost your immune system
  • diminish depression
  • dissolve emotional blocks
  • stimulate the natural healing ability of your body
  • accelerate growth in consciousness
  • give you peace
  • and so much more.

You also learned how to use resonance, entrainment and the two principles of low and high sounds to choose music that does all of this.

If you missed the blog – click here to read “Using Sound Healing is as old as Humanity Itself”.

You also learned about the second element of effective sound healing – Sound Tools. And in particular – the use of these tools to reclaim your brain! To read this article go here:

The Third Element of Effective Sound Healing

young child using her voice - singing into a microphoneThe third element of effective sound healing is my absolute favourite, and it is also the most powerful of all of them – your own voice.

Your voice carries every frequency of your body.

Your voice resonates every cell of your body with every sound that you make.

You have it with you all the time and it costs you nothing to use.

And the best part – it creates an instant response in the body, mind, emotions and spiritual connection.

Consider the sounds that flow naturally from your body without even thinking about it.

  • Ahhhh, what a cute puppy.
  • Ahhhh, that feels good.
  • Ooooo, how interesting.
  • Ooooo, I like that.
  • Uhh, that’s heavy.

Can you imagine how much more it would hurt when you stubbed your toe if you didn’t say ouch?

Moans and groans are sounds that come from the body instinctively.

All of these natural sounds of the body actually stimulate the brain to release neurochemicals and endorphins that help the body heal itself or manage pain.

use your voice to sound a gentle sigh - ahhhhRelaxation as Simple as a Sigh

You can also use the natural voice of the body to discharge your excess emotional energy
and the stress it brings on.

We do it all the time. A sigh. We just don’t do it consciously. A good sigh stimulates the brain to release endorphins that help the body manage pain or heal.

A vocalized sigh is even more effective.

To maximize the effect of the sigh start the sigh around the middle of your vocal range and let it drop into the low range of your voice as you sigh.

Try it three times.

Notice how you feel. I have shared this exercise with thousands of people and most often I hear “I feel calmer or more relaxed. What you are experiencing is the release of endorphins – the “feel good” hormones dissipating the adrenaline and cortisol.  

I have another sound for you.

red traffic lightFirst though, I have a question for you:  Have you ever arrived at a red light when out driving and you can’t remember how you got there?

This is an example of being un-grounded or not present. Being in your head more than your body.

But the truth is, you do your most effective and greatest work when you are grounded and present.

One of the sounds you can use to ground and become more present instantly is the word Ho.

The strong, quick sound comes from deep in your belly after you have taken a deep breath. Try it 3 times.

using the sound hoHow do you feel? Do you feel more present — more focused?

Ho grounds you into your body and allows your mind to clear and become more present.

These are two incredibly effective and simple exercises you can do with your voice – anytime and anywhere.

And this is just the beginning!

You’ve just learned how to instantly release excess emotional energy reducing stress significantly. You have also learned how to become instantly present, creating clarity and focus.

Your voice can also be used to reduce pain significantly, heal injury, balance your chakras, bring your entire being into harmony, heal others, connect you to your deepest inspiration, energetically clear your environment and so much more.

Your voice, connected with your thought and intention is powerful beyond measure!