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walking along a winter road through the forestHave you ever walked in the forest in the winter? Have you noticed how everything is blanketed in stillness and silence?

Have you ever planted seeds and waited and waited for the shoots to emerge from the stillness of the soil?

Have you ever sat quietly by a lake or other body of water, watching the sunlight create playful reflections on the surface?

Have you ever walked through a dense forest, feeling blanketed by the dark, green quiet?

This stillness creeps into your being with a reminder that silence is the place where life gathers its energy to emerge, full and new.

Have you ever noticed that when nature gives you a gift of silence, your mind always has a hidden agenda? The busy mind just can’t handle silence!

I mention the words ‘gift of silence’ because the silence is a place where you find and connect with your true self.

a mind full of thoughtsSo, what do we do with a mind that has another agenda? How do we create this still place within ourselves to connect with our true self?

First, it helps to explore what is occupying that space. In other words, what is drowning out the quiet?

Many years ago, I became a student of my mind. I made a promise to myself (and to the universe) that I really wanted to find out what was going on in my mind and to gain mastery over its contents.

So, I began by listening to the chatter. Really listening!

I was astonished, horrified and disheartened. The contents of the chatter were completely judgemental, negative, critical… I think you get the picture.

I did everything I could to avoid dealing with this mess.

  • Filled every moment of my day with busyness.
  • Worked too hard.
  • Drank too much wine.
  • When the busyness started to slide into overwhelm, I became a couch potato, eating chips and watching ridiculous shows on TV.
  • Dove into a complete fantasy world, instead of seeing my life the way is actually was.

Have you noticed how your life gets worse when you avoid facing your challenges?

I had made a promise. So, I eventually continued to listen.

Over time, as I learned how to listen to the noise of the chatter in my mind without judging it, I found that the negative diatribe began to grow quiet. There were moments of stillness that warmed my heart and soul with growth and inner connection.

woman in quiet solitude sitting on a dockThose moments were so exquisite, that I searched for ways to create more of them and to lengthen them. Here are a few:

  • Yoga class
  • Reiki training
  • Gratitude practice
  • Meditation
  • Inspirational books

I would also distract my mind from the chatter with contemplative questions “What is under the silence?” and “What is waiting to be heard?”

Now, those moments of stillness have grown. My mind is used to quiet and regularly receives inspiration that aligns with my soul purpose.

This journey into the centre of stillness has exquisite benefits. As you become acquainted with this quiet place, you discover the beautiful, expansive, and infinite being that lives there – You! And you become the being that this world needs.

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In Health and Harmony,