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A Unique live broadcast For Practitioners Only . . .

Tune Up your Holistic Practice
with Sound Wellness

If you’d like to learn more about how sound and music can support your holistic practice,

If you’re interested in expanding your gifts, by adding powerful tools to further support your clients,

If you’d like to take a step closer to earning the revenue that you deserve,

Then you will want to join is for this introduction to Sound Healing where:

  • You will uncover the science sound, and why sound is such an effective healer, particularly when complementing other modalities,
  • You will explore some of the most powerful sound tools available – the Tibetan Bowls and the tuning forks. These forks are amazing at reducing pain, loosening tight muscles, and creating calm.
  • You’ll discover simple and easy ways to grow your practice. Bring in new clients, and generate the revenue that you deserve!

Not convinced? Click the video below to listen to what C.J. and Carmen have to say . . .


If you’re serious about helping others, about growing your business so you can be of greater service, you’ll want to register for this special presentation.

There is no charge to attend.


left quotation markI felt very blessed for the many practices and programs I’ve discovered over the years, which continue to help manage/master my thinking, uproot worry and increase wellbeing. I must say though, the Sound Wellness program I took with Sharon and Ed, now 7 years ago or so, was and remains to this day, the most effortless way I found to massively increase wellbeing and reduce both inner and outer stress, with all the health benefits that go with that. Ever grateful!

Janice Kobelsky FCPA, FCMA


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