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Tune Up your Holistic Practice with Sound Wellness!
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Educational Tweets

We had music before we had language. Our brains were wired for music before language. @SoundWellness1

Sound is vibrational energy, a physical energy that affects how matter itself vibrates. @SoundWellness1

Instinctive sounds like a sigh stimulate the release of endorphins in the brain that help heal. @SoundWellness1

Your response to music and sound is as unique as you are. @SoundWellness1

Overwhelmed? The right choice of sounds can reduce #stress in seconds. @SoundWellness1

Rhythm changes your heartbeat, breathing and brainwaves. Your body is wired for sound. @SoundWellness1

The #healthiest sounds the human being can listen to are birdsong, water and wind. @SoundWellness1

You experience #sound and #music with your entire being. Not just your ears. @SoundWellness1

From atoms – to cells – to emotions – to spirit. You are intimately wired to respond to sound. @SoundWellness1

Sing! Play! Sharing music has been with us since the dawn of humanity. @SoundWellness1


Promotional Tweets

#Practitioner stuck on cash flow rollercoaster? #Webinar to help grow your business.

Stuck on the cash flow rollercoaster? #Webinar for #practitioners.

For #practitioners. How sound healing can help grow your business. Free #webinar.

Discover how sound healing can help grow your #holistic business. #Webinar

Free webinar for #practitioners. Grow your business with less work.


Facebook / Linked In Posts

My friend, Sharon Carne, has a new complimentary webinar for holistic practitioners, called, “Tune Up your Holistic Practice with Sound Wellness!” All about ways to integrate sound healing with other modalities, ways to stand out and be noticed by new clients, and tools for self care. Click here for more info:  (LINK)

If you’re a Practitioner, stuck on the “cash flow” roller coaster – you know the one – good one month – not so good the next. Or maybe, there just isn’t a lot of cash flow at all. In my friend, Sharon Carne’s new FREE webinar, you’ll discover how sound healing can help grow your practice. Seriously increasing your income with less work!  Click here for more info: (LINK)

Is growing your holistic practice a challenge for you? My friend, Sharon Carne, has a complimentary webinar filled with tips for growing your practice, increasing your income, standing out from others who do the same thing you do and fabulous self care tips that also work with clients. Click here for more info:  (LINK)

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A word about Tweets and Posts

This is Ed speaking. . . I must admit that I’m not a tweet expert. But there are some things that I want to pass on that are very important to us.

First and foremost, I want to ensure that you are credited for sales driven from your leads. And so in my investigation of how to best accomplish that, I have uncovered a few things. (And please, if you have suggestions to improve conversions, to better connect an affiliate to the sale, I would love to hear from you.) Our objective is to make you as successful as possible, and yes, that makes us more successful too!

And so I have a few suggestions for you.

  • Feel free to make the tweets your own. If you want to alter the tweet to better suit your voice, or your audience, please do so.
  • The promotional tweets do not have an affiliate link embedded in them. If you are not an affiliate, if you are simply willing to help out by spreading the word, knowing we are grateful for every bit of support we receive, you can use the links exactly as they are. If you would like to become an affilaite, or would like to learn more about our affiliate program, please click here to email me.
    If you are an affiliate with us, and you wish to have your affiliate link embedded, please do the following:
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  5. If you have any trouble with this, please click here to email me. I’m happy to help you, or, I can create the links for you. It’s that important! I want to be 100% confident that you are being credited for every contact you send to us!

In Health and Harmony.