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The purpose of sound healing or sound therapy is to restore your natural patterns. This is particularly true during the holidays!

What does that mean? What is a natural pattern?

Your entire being was designed to perform in perfect harmony. Your body, mind, emotions and spirit know how to be healthy. Every part of your being dances its particular rhythm and tone of health in a natural pattern. In our fast-paced busy lives, there are many situations that can cause your natural harmony to fall out of tune.

Natural patterns exist everywhere in the universe, from the natural patterns within the creation of galaxies to the patterns within an atom and everything in between. Life would not function without natural patterns.

Examples of natural patterns at the physical level are your natural pattern of walking. If you have an injured ankle, you are not following your natural pattern of walking. You are limping.

stressed woman suffering from a headacheIf you are under stress, three natural patterns can be out of balance – your heartbeat, your hormonal system, your breathing rhythm. If you have an illness like cancer, the natural pattern of cell growth is out of balance.

Sleep follows a natural pattern. If you have difficulty sleeping your natural pattern is out of balance and this has consequences in immune system function, body repair in deep sleep, alertness, and so on.

Natural patterns can also be rhythms like how often your heart beats when at rest.  Your brain has rhythms that change when you daydream, close your eyes or go to sleep. Your intestines contract in a specific rhythm. So does your stomach. Your kidneys process your blood in a 24-hour cycle.

At the microscopic level, your cells have many natural patterns as they go about their day.

And all of this is just at the physical level.

At the mental level, our brainwave patterns affect our alertness or ability to relax. Your mental and emotional systems are deeply connected.

driver cut off in trafficMany of our thoughts have emotional charges. You know the ones. Like the ones you think about the person who cuts you off in traffic. Like the ones you think when you are engulfed in sadness. father and son playing togetherLike the ones you think when you are playing with your children.

All of these thoughts with emotional charges are intimately connected to your hormonal system. Every one of these thoughts affects every cell in your body.

At the spiritual level natural patterns are your moments of silence and connection to your inner presence. This exquisite presence is available to you at the beginning and ending of every breath you take.

The human energy field or aura is also filled with natural patterns – from the rhythmic pulsations of the meridian systems and rotation of the chakras to the comfortable, peaceful frequency of your soul that lives there.

Natural patterns are healthy and coherent when we are in balance, harmony and whole. In these turbulent times, our natural physical, mental, emotional and spiritual patterns are deeply affected from moment to moment.

Sound is one of your greatest allies in restoring and maintaining natural patterns. It has the ability to change body chemistry, cellular function, hormonal balance, create mental clarity, manage pain, calm or energize the emotional state, create spiritual connection. I could go on and on.

Ed and I have several opportunities for you to nurture yourself and/or a loved one over the next few months. Tune into HARMONY – no matter how hectic your days are!!

Opportunities to bring your being into tune:


Sound Wellness Toning Circle. Nov. 28, 7 – 9 pm.

This is an opportunity to bring your entire being into tune! The result? – blissful peace.

Click here for more info and to register.


Better than aspirin! Nov. 30, 7 – 9 pm.

Join us for an opportunity to experience the power of sound to relieve or eliminate pain. The result? – ahhhh! That feels better!

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Stress Free Holidays, Dec. 8, 7 – 8:15 pm

Free webinar – Join us online from anywhere in the world for all kinds of tips and tools to stay emotionally calm through the holiday season. The result? – become the calm centre in the midst of the storm – like the eye of the hurricane.

Click here for more info and to register.


Our signature program – the Sound Wellness Solution Jan 14-15, 2017

Start your New Year with a full immersion into self-care and the incredible power of sound to create health and harmony. The result? Tools to last a lifetime!


left quotation markI felt very blessed for the many practices and programs I’ve discovered over the years, which continue to help manage/master my thinking, uproot worry and increase wellbeing. I must say though, the Sound Wellness program I took with Sharon and Ed, now 7 years ago or so, was and remains to this day, the most effortless way I found to massively increase wellbeing and reduce both inner and outer stress, with all the health benefits that go with that. Ever grateful!

Janice Kobelsky FCPA, FCMA,

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