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This is the third of a 3 part series.

Your Business has a Spiritual Presence

In the previous two articles, you’ve discovered strategies to help grow and strengthen your business through a holistic approach, starting with cash flow strategies in the first article. These were offered to assist the physical running of your business.

The second article offered suggestions to help shift the energy created by unconscious patterns and/or fears around money created by emotionally charged thoughts.

In this article, I’m excited to share with you one of my favorite ways to connect with my business in a spiritual way.

In my world, as a deeply empathic spiritual entrepreneur, Sound Wellness, has a PRESENCE in my consciousness that I call the Spirit of my business. This presence shows up like a person.

Your business has a presence like this too. And you can communicate with your business as a person, like you chat with your best friend.

Connecting with your Business as a Person

Here’s how I do it:

a path in the woods

Before you go into this meditation, you might want to contemplate what it is you would require from your business, what you would ask your business to do for you. You can include a conversation about cash flow here. Also contemplate what you will do for your business. Like any friendship, there is a balance or harmony of giving and receiving. This is the relationship you want to create with your business as a person.

  1. Go to a quiet space in your home or business where you won’t be disturbed.
  2. This is a meditation where you will connect with your business as a person. As you settle into relaxation, create the intention that you want to connect with your business as a person.
  3. As you settle into your inner space, imagine you are in your favorite sacred space in nature.
  4. In front of you is a path that begins in the distance and ends at your feet. Ask your business to take the form of a person and to walk down the path towards you.
  5. A word of encouragement here – Stay open and avoid interference from your conscious mind. Stay out of your own way and allow this to happen.
    When Sound Wellness first walked down this path towards me, it took a form that was a complete surprise to me. In other words, I never would have created the personification of my business as this person from my ‘conscious’ mind.
  6. Engage in a conversation with your business. Remember, you are creating a friendship.
  7. If it feels right, move the conversation to what you would like your business to do for you and what you promise to do for your business. Include your conversation about cash flow here. It’s important to really LISTEN to gain the insights you are looking for. They may surprise you.

This is an ongoing relationship, and you may find that frequent conversations with your business will be really helpful. This is your friendship with your creation. Enjoy it!!