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This is the second of a 3 part series.

Repetitive Thoughts + Emotion = Crystalized Belief

It takes great courage and insight to delve into all the different levels of growing your business. And one thing holistic practitioners have in spades, at least the ones I know, is courage and insight.

In this section, I am offering an exploration of possibilities in the emotional and mental dimensions to grow your business. Or what is holding you back that you may not even be aware of.

imagining the money treeHuman beings are brilliant creative beings. And thought has enormous power – as you know.

Thoughts that are repeated over and over again, along with charged emotional energy, eventually take on a life of their own as a crystalized belief in our unconscious mind.

Many of these thoughts and beliefs operate below our conscious awareness. And they are always triggered by strong emotion. Especially fear.

One example of this might be one that you heard as a young child when asking your parents to buy something for you. It might have been something like “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

A young child’s mind has no frame of reference to understand this statement. From the child’s point of view, his or her needs are always provided for magically. The result is often an emotional response that can turn into a lifetime pattern of restrictive or negative thought and behavior.

Emotionally Charged Thought has a Physical Form as an Energy Field

a couple having an argumentAnother aspect, less discussed, is that these emotionally charged thoughts and spoken frustrations, also can create an energy field in your living or business space. It’s like the feeling you get when you walk into a room where there has been an emotional argument. They say you can “cut the air with a knife.”

This is a PHYSICAL energy field that many empathically sensitive people can feel. And it doesn’t feel good. It can repel people, including clients.

For those people who are familiar with working with energy and thought forms – even emotionally charged thought forms – I want you to know that you have the power to create a field of energy that will counteract and dissolve a negative one.

Create a Powerful High Vibration Energy Field

Here’s one way you can use your conscious intention and your voice to do that.

Create the intention to recognize these old patterns and beliefs when they show up in your everyday life.

When you become aware of this pattern – stop – make a conscious choice to shift the energy of this pattern with a strong, positive emotion of high vibration. Gratitude is the highest vibration you can use to do this.

Think of something you are grateful for. Let it fill your heart. Allow this feeling to move into your voice. SING the sound ahhhh and allow the sound to fill your being with this gratitude.

ahhh drawn in the sandAhhhh is a heart sound. And your singing voice has the power, along with your intention, to expand the high vibration throughout your body and throughout your physical space.

This sound will help any lower vibrational energy to dissipate as you expand the energy of gratitude with your voice and intention.

Just so you know – if you have any concern about the quality of your singing voice – the quality of your singing has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with your power to create this beautiful field of high vibration. Your voice is PERFECT for creating this field.

As you catch more of these old patterns peeking out from your subconscious and get better at shifting the vibration with gratitude – watch what happens to your outer life and your business.

I recommend that you keep a gratitude journal and take a few moments to jot down the daily miracles you are creating in your life.

Next week, I’ll look at the Spiritual Dimensions of growing your Holistic Practice.