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This afternoon, as I was gathering ideas and thoughts to share with you on this blog, I received an urgent text from our son. He and his family live 1200 kilometers away in a different city.

Sienna's artworkSienna, our 6-year-old granddaughter, missed us and needed to chat. Well, I must confess, that this was way more important than writing the blog. I knew you wouldn’t mind.

So, connected by Skype, Sienna and I explored all her latest art work, played in her little tent, inspected her tidy toy area, arranged for a recipe swap with Mommy, pretended to be dizzy as she rotated the phone around in circles, inspected the garden in the back yard and planned baking cookies with Daddy for tomorrow.

To be honest, I had been missing my beautiful little grandchildren and my family and this call warmed my heart in ways nothing else can. And it brought me back to love and grace.

Grace is defined as “simple elegance.” In times of great chaos, grace has a powerful impact.

Grace is one of those things that can certainly appear spontaneously. However, when you create fertile soil, seeds of grace will bring you much comfort, strength and sustenance.

How do we create this soil for grace when the whole world is in turmoil?

It is the nutrients in fertile soil that nourish seeds into healthy growth.

In times of great challenge it is important to gather many ways to nourish yourself. Here are some of my favorite that help me to keep my centre and open the door to grace.

1. Knowledge

It is absolutely essential to know how stress shows up for you!

Worry, fear, and panic are all part of the same family that triggers the stress response. The stress response is as normal as breathing. It’s your body’s natural defense mechanism to keep you safe, but today, with COVID-19, our stress response is in overdrive!

Taking back control of or autonomic system is a two-step process:

  1. Recognize when your sympathetic nervous system (your fight or flight response) kicks in and how it shows up in your mind, your emotions and your body.
  2. Have a basket full of tools and techniques to shift the stress response and reconnect with your natural state of calm, activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

2. Mindfulness

What are your little everyday reminders of not being mindful? For years, I lived my entire life in my head, with little acknowledgement of my mind/body connection. I was also the world’s worst klutz! Now, whenever I bump into a chair or drawer not quite closed, it serves as a reminder to be more mindful.

Mindfulness a powerful tool for creating relaxation, calm, peacefulness, and focus. It can reduce anxiety and depression and reduce stress, while improving attitudes, behaviours, and performance.

3. Fact or Fake News?

Perception has two parts: the process of gathering factual information from our senses and the interpretation of the information.

Where we get into big trouble with this is when we look at our interpretations as fact. They are not!

Perceptual intelligence is the understanding that everything we experience in our lives is interpreted by our knowledge, beliefs, memories and attention. And you have full control over your interpretations. It is important to note that not all of your perceptual filters serve you.

4. Boost your Immune System

Sound (and music) is a powerful tool for stimulating your immune system through direct stimulation of your nervous system. Study after study, especially in neuroscience, have shown enhancement of the immune system with sound and music.

Sound Wellness provides powerful tools designed to stimulate nitric oxide production – a major contributor to our immune systems, and tools to reduce stress, alleviating the fear and worry.

Now you can carry some of these tools in your pocket. And build your own fertile soil for grace, strength, and resilience.

Ed, Tina Thrussell, one of our Sound Wellness practitioners and Emergent Workforce team members, and I have been in deep creative mode to support you in such challenging times.

We have created an online program called Tools for Emotional Health and Resilience. It is filled with knowledge about how stress shows up, mindfulness practices, working with fact and fake news and sound tracks to powerfully stimulate your immune system.

You can find out more about it here:

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