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As It Was

As most of you know, humanity is undergoing an unprecedented period of evolution of consciousness right now.

This bone flute is between 40,000 and 60,000 years oldAn as we evolve, so do the tools we use for health and healing.

Sound is humanity’s most ancient healer. This bone flute is over 40,000 years old – many believe that it predates our use of language. It is likely that we had music before we could speak with words. This is a profound statement and whenever we share it with people, they always nod their heads as if to say, “Yeah, I know that.” That’s your DNA talking to you and the story of how humanity evolved with sound and music. 

Modern science is now documenting the human being’s deep and intimate wiring to respond to sound. Sound was one of our first healers for good reason.

And even though the benefits have been confirmed by science, none of the practitioner associations currently recognize sound healing, or sound therapy as an accepted modality.

Sound Wellness has taken a giant step forward to change that!


We have created a new modality called Sound Wellness. Sound Wellness is a holistic modality that uses techniques based on sound and music to bring your body, mind, emotions and spirit back into harmony. It is from this place of harmony that healing takes place. And it is from this place that you can maintain and support your health, prevent illness and extend the quality of your life.

The methods used by Sound Wellness Practitioners connect with the body’s innate ability to recognize, incorporate, transmit and respond to sound. 

In Canada, and in fact throughout most of the world, the fields of Sound Healing, Sound Therapy and the use of Specialized Music designed for healing have had no standardized training that offers certification at a level of verifiable competence. Until now.

Sound Wellness Practitioner Training is a certification program of verified competency of the practitioner.

To that end, we have created the Sound Wellness Institute. The role of the Institute is two-fold. First to ensure that programs that we offer stand up to verifications – not only of content, but of competencies of those people who are using Sound Wellness, whether alone, or combined with other modalities.  And second to gain recognition by the professional associations.

It’s really important to understand the different levels of certification available to you.

Understanding Certification

There are 3 different definitions of certification – 1) completion, 2) achievement, and 3) competency.

Certified!For years, we have offered “Certificates of Completion” for our programs. It means just what it says – you have attended the program, and have been engaged in the exercises. Engagement has never been a problem for us. Our participants are fully enthralled in our programs. Captivated by the power of Sound and Music. For many other course providers though, this is merely a Certificate of Participation. Simply attend for the 2 hours, or 3 days, or whatever the course length is, and you receive a certificate. It may look great on the wall, but for the most part, they are simply an acknowledgement of having completed the program. They won’t help you get insurance, and they don’t provide any legal protection.

The next level of certification is for Achievement. A high school or university diploma is a Certificate of achievement. You must have first attended an instructional program, and then write an exam that tests your knowledge. It doesn’t test your ability to apply what you have learned though. I have worked with people who are brilliant – they know the concepts, but they can’t apply them. And so a certificate of achievement, while significantly stronger than a certificate of attendance, still doesn’t ensure that you are qualified.

The highest level is a Certificate of Competency. Every practitioner of a recognized modality, such as Reiki, Healing Touch, Massage Therapy, and so on, is familiar with this. Specific training is required. Followed by practical application of the methods learned. Followed by an independent verification of the skills and knowledge.

Even the programs themselves, and the instructors, are verified by an independent auditor (or in our case a team of auditors) to ensure the content is appropriate, complete, and of the highest standard and that the instructors are fully competent to teach the material. This is the only certification that guarantees the practitioner is fully capable of delivering an effective session by skilfully applying the tools in a manner that supports the health and wellbeing of their client.

Over the past year, we have updated all of our programs to offer a verified competency certification as a Sound Wellness Practitioner.

This is something that’s very unique. We are the only program in Canada that will be doing this. And we’ve only found one other on the planet that even comes close to this level of certification for sound healing.

We’re currently working with some of the largest regulatory authorities in North America to get our programs reviewed and accepted within them.

And this is second role of the Sound Wellness Institute – to act as liaison with governing bodies to have Sound Wellness accepted as a recognized, regulated modality.

These are very exciting times for us.

A New Vision

Imagine a world where your natural healing response is stimulated holistically; where your emotions are calm, your mind focuses easily, your spirit connects freely and you radiate health!

Community of friendsSound Wellness was created to support this vision of holistic health. Sound Wellness is a safe, effective way for people to create health, wholeness, balance and harmony in their life.

At Sound Wellness, we view ourselves as partners with our clients and the community.  By providing programs and experiences with sound and music, we help practitioners incorporate Sound Wellness within their practice, so that they can better serve the needs of their clients, while supporting their own health and wellbeing.

With Sound Wellness, we can work together to bring the vision of a healthy, harmonious world into reality.

If you want to learn more about integrating Sound Wellness into your practice or if you want to find out if our programs are a fit for you, click below to schedule a call with us.

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