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Did you know . . .

Emotional energy can get easily STUCK in the physical body – like a lump in the throat, knot in the stomach or tight shoulders. When we keep feeling the same emotion in the same location it can create a HUGE BLOCK to moving forward in our lives and even dis-ease.

Your voice can be used to:

  • reduce pain significantly
  • heal injury
  • reduce stress
  • relieve emotional distress
  • balance your chakras
  • heal others
  • connect you to your deepest inspiration
  • energetically clear your environment
  • and so much more.

Your voice, connected with your thought and intention is powerful beyond measure!

Sessions are 60 minutes in duration, and are available in either my healing space in Calgary, Alberta, or over Skype.

You will receive:

  • a customized vocal sound healing process that you can continue to use after the session
  • insight into moving forward in your life
  • the stimulation of your natural healing response

Your Investment

I am offering the Emotional Clearing Session sessions for just $100.

Once you have made your payment, you will be sent to a calendar to book your sessions.

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