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We Invite you to Join our

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Partner Program

We highly value the contribution that our Affiliate Partners make to the success of our organization. And we welcome you to join us!

Simply complete the form below. Having received the link to this page, you have already qualified to partner with us.


We sincerely value your efforts, and appreciate your support of our products. Once you have completed and submitted the form above, you will receive an email with your login details, and and your commission structure.

All of our EBC and EBI partners start at our “Gold” level, and based on sales of the past year, can move up a level – you will never be moved down to the Silver level. If you reach the threshold for the Platinum level, your commission structure will be upgraded at that time – you don’t have to wait til the end of the year to see the increased rewards for your effort!

At the Gold level, basic commission is 25%. However, the rate varies depending on the type of product.

Digitally delivered programs typically receive commissions of 40%, low value products receive from 50% to 100%. Our live workshops (which retail for $995 to $2995) receive commissions of 25%.

At the Platinum level, digital products offer 50% and live programs 30% commission.

Our annual sales thresholds are as follows:

Silver Level $0 – $14,999
Gold Level $15,000 – $29,999
Platinum Level over $30,000