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Are the Sounds Around You Harmful or Beneficial?

Description: Grocery shoppingThe next time you go shopping for groceries, listen to the music playing.

Decades of research have shown that music with a slow beat can increase sales by up to 40% in grocery stores.

When you visit the mall, listen to the music played in the various stores. Most retailers know what music will keep customers in their store longer. If the store belongs to a national or international chain, the type of music played may be determined by company policy and sent to all stores.

Popular restaurants may also have similar policies depending on whether they want to keep diners at their table longer or turn over tables faster. Does fast music make you eat faster?

You need to remember that sound is a nutrient for your body. It feeds you. Particularly your nervous system. As you become aware of how you respond to sound at all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, I encourage you to ask whether a particular sound feeds you or whether it doesn’t.

I created the Serenity System to help people counteract the noise and stresses from everyday life.

Here’s what it contains:

  • mp3 downloads of 3 of my CDs: Woodland Song, Blissful Chimes, and Daily Serenity
    • Woodland Song is an hour of the sounds of soft bubbling water and forest birds. If you have ever attended one of our live events, you would certainly have heard it there, as we use it ourselves often. It offers you a highly focused mind and a relaxed body – great to put on when you need to get something accomplished.
    • Blissful Chimes. Use Blissful Chimes when you really need to slow down the 90-mile an hour mind. It can also be used when you – or a client – need deep relaxation and recharging.
    • Daily Serenity is something to use when you really get knocked off balance and need some help. This is the recording that Mark found so effective.
  • The System also includes 2 of my videos (taken from their respective DVDs) that you can watch on-line: Effortless Empathy and Stress-Free Holidays
    • Effortless Empathy: Learn more about how to manage a deep empathic sensitivity.
    • Stress Free Holidays. You’ll find some amazing tools here for becoming more present and calm in the most stressful of times. This isn’t just for the holidays – but for when your world offers you some big challenges. 
  • A pdf download (epub version coming soon when the second edition is released) of my book Listen From the Inside Out. Not just a book, there are 13 free downloads that go with it, as well as four videos, so you can use your new knowledge right away. “Listen From the Inside Out” comes with the tools to change your life and your experience.

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