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Over the past few weeks Ed and I have been sharing information about Tibetan singing bowls. They are remarkable tools for meditation, relaxation, stress relief, healing, transformation and so much more.

Crystal singing bowlThis week, I want to share another kind of singing bowl that ramps up the energy of a Tibetan singing bowl. That is the crystal singing bowl.

Both of these kinds of bowls are brilliant tools for meditation, relaxation, stress relief, healing, transformation and more. They just do it differently.

Crystal singing bowls are made from 99% quartz. The properties of quartz in the crystal singing bowls, offer you a very different kind of experience.

So let’s first take a look at the properties of quartz from the world of science.

Properties of Quartz

Quartz is the second most abundant mineral on earth. It is used in everyday items from your computer to your watch to your windows.

Marcel Vogel was one of IBM’s top scientists who specialized in the properties of luminescence and quartz crystal and its use in electronics and computers. The luminescent screen on your microwave and alarm clock are due to the pioneering work of Marcel Vogel.

Later in his career, he began to focus his research on the properties of quartz crystal. From his research, we know that quartz has the following properties:

  1. Quartz crystal is an amplifier and transmitter of thought, emotion and intention.
  2. Quartz crystal amplifies the biofield, or human energy field, around you.
  3. Quartz crystal that has been ‘programmed’ with thought, emotion and /or intention will cause water to become structured. Remember, you are 70% water.
  4. Energy, thoughts, emotions and intentions stored in a crystal can be transferred to another fluid, crystal or person.

Several of Marcel Vogel’s lectures are still available on You Tube if you wish to hear what he has to say about working with quartz crystal.

The Human Element

So, here we have a mineral that works intimately with human thought, emotion and intention.

When this mineral takes the shape of a singing bowl and we add the powerful properties of sound to the mix, then we have a carrier wave that carries amplified thought, emotion and intention out into the environment.

speakerThe human element is that we are human. And we live in a polarized state of being and in a polarized world. Sometimes we are in a positive state and sometimes we are in a negative state. And sometimes both at the same time.

When you add an amplifier to human thought, emotion and intention it doesn’t judge. It just amplifies.

An angry person playing a crystal singing bowl will amplify the anger within him or herself and out into the space. Imagine putting a microphone up to anger.

There are ways to work with a crystal bowl to dissolve anger. That is an intentional process with full awareness of the amplification factors into the space.

A person in a compassionate state will amplify compassion both within and out into the space. Imagine putting a microphone up to compassion.

Quartz just amplifies.

Are you getting a sense of the significance of sound and quartz combined? The potential for healing with crystal singing bowls is unprecedented.

Because of the power of amplification inherent in the properties of quartz and combining that with the power of sound, we need to approach working with crystal singing bowls with the highest level of conscious intent and clarity of emotion and thought.

Working with crystal singing bowls is such a powerful tool for our evolution at this time. It demands that we approach this tool with self-understanding, responsibility and the highest level of awareness of which we are capable. Then it keeps amplifying that!