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Tools for Health and Resilience


COVID-19 is here with an Attitude

These past few weeks have seen a dramatic shift on our planet.

empty shelves at the grocery storeAt the time of writing, major sports events have been cancelled or suspended. Universities, schools and day-cares have been closed. Large gatherings are prohibited. Recreational facilities, shopping malls and stores are closing, or are on restricted hours and services.

It’s no wonder that signs of fear, and even panic have surfaced.

Media stories combined with pictures of empty shelves in grocery stores heightens the response.

Check the facts . . .

The Stress Response

Worry, fear, and panic are all part of the same family that triggers the stress response. The stress response is as normal as breathing. It’s your body’s natural defense mechanism to keep you safe, but today, with COVID-19, our stress response is in overdrive!

Fear and stress are literally hijacking our brains, and our ability to function, while compromising our immune system..

Learn how . . .

How do we overcome the hijack?

Taking back control of or autonomic system is a two step process:

  1. Recognize when auto-response – sympathetic nervous system – kicks in and how it shows up in your mind and your body.
  2. Have a basket full of tools and techniques to shift the stress response and reconnect with our natural state of calm.

Emotional Health and Resilience Program

The Sound Wellness Institute has created a 2 hour video program to provide the tools and understanding to shift the stress response, and to return to our natural state of calm.

It contains modules on:

Perceptual Intelligence

  • supports a shift in mindset, as to how we view events and the news around us.

The module on Perceptual Intelligence offers tools to shift the perception, restoring control back to the parasympathetic division. People will feel calmer, and more relaxed, restoring focus and concentration, and by minimizing the stress response, the nitric oxide cycle is restored supporting our immune system.

More on Perceptual Intelligence . . .


  • restores a position of being grounded, centered, and present.
  • awakens the awareness of our surroundings, and to minimize the risk of others transmitting the virus to us.

Mindfulness a powerful tool for creating relaxation, calm, peacefulness, and focus. It can reduce anxiety and depression and reduce stress, while improving attitudes, behaviours, and performance

More on Mindfulness . . .

Sound Wellness

  • provides powerful tools designed to stimulate nitric oxide production – a major contributor to our immune systems, and tools to reduce stress, alleviating the fear and worry.

Sound and music are our most ancient healers, and today, science has validated their role in supporting and restoring health and well-being. And the best part is that it’s non-invasive, drug-free, fast and easy

More on Sound Wellness . . .

If this is calling you . . .

This is the same program that we offer our corporate clients. It was designed to meet the needs of those who are facing the challenges that have been brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak. And it contains powerful tools and information!

The program is priced at just $29.00 Cdn.

When you register, you’ll get (almost) instant access.

And like all of our programs, it comes with our money-back guarantee!

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