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Opportunity and Grace

Opportunity and Grace are two words that are seldom used together.

Opportunity is defined by Google as “a set of path with many opportunitiescircumstances that makes it possible to do something.”

Opportunity is set of circumstances that help you find a great job, meet the perfect mate, or get a deal on the house of your dreams. It shows up in everyday life when a traffic jam clears just as you reach it or finding the last shirt on the rack in your size and favorite color.

Yet, when it comes to co-creating with the unlimited potential and opportunities of the universe (source, God, etc), we limit ourselves by our expectations.

Recently, I received an email newsletter from the wonderful and wise Caroline Myss. One of the statements in her article, Finding Faith, Nurturing Faith, hit me like a ton of bricks.

She was talking about prayer and the requests we make in our prayers. She said, “Agendas are not harmful in your prayers; but the agendas you have for the answers you want reflect your lack of faith.” (Here is the link if you want to read the whole article: )

We ask for things or help all the time in our requests of the universe (source, God, etc) and then we turn down or don’t even notice the incredible opportunities that have been sent as a response. It has been said that the ‘opportunity of a lifetime’ comes along every day! But if these opportunities don’t match our expectations!, we don’t acknowledge them.

And this is where Grace comes in. Grace is defined as “simple elegance.” In the context of this discussion on opportunity, grace means watch for signs and notice to what shows up. Many of these signs are very subtle.

Here are a few examples:

  • a phone call from out of the blue
  • in a conversation about something else
  • a song that plays on the radio in a synchronistic way
  • a headline that jumps out at you
  • a sign from nature (In native American astrology, I was born under the sign of the flicker, a type of woodpecker. Often, when I am questioning ‘why am I doing this?’ I hear the tap of the flicker or see it flying by. To me, this means follow the beat of your own drum.)

Synchronicity and The Empty Shelf

How has saying YES! to the universe changed your life? Are you keeping a place in your heart and field open for this?

The empty shelf sends a powerful message and invitation to the universe.

For years I have had a special place on a shelf where there is empty space. My intention is to invite the universe to bring an opportunity that I would never have imagined on my own.

Years ago, I stated aloud a promise to the universe that I plan to walk the journey that my soul planned to walk during this lifetime. I don’t have the whole picture. So I asked the universe to show me the next step through synchronicity or opportunity.

Almost everything I am doing now has been an opportunity brought by the universe. The creation of Sound Wellness was sparked by a phone call that came from out of the blue.

It is one thing to state that you are open to receiving opportunity. Doing something physical amplifies that intention. The Empty Shelf is a physical space in my home that is a constant reminder that I am open to receiving what I would not have imagined for myself.

Here are a few guidelines for creating such a space in your home.

  1. Find a space on a shelf somewhere in your home that represents synchronicities and opportunities beyond what you can imagine for yourself.
  2. If you wish, you can place items with intention around the edges of the shelf to help create a sacred space. I have placed animal figures, crystals, an image of an angel, lavender from my garden, seeds and a few other items to give the space a consistently high vibration. Follow your intuition for what you feel needs to be there.
  3. Stay open and pay attention. If you ask this space to help you co-create a specific intention, be very clear. Some of the specific intentions I have placed on my shelf took a few weeks to manifest.
  4. Allowing and openness is really important in this co-creative process. Our own expectations can severely limit the possibilities that can be co-created.