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“Change Your Thinking, Change Your Body” Tele-Summit


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Here are your downloads of 3 of the Most Popular CDs from Sound Wellness


Woodland Song CD cover


“WOODLAND SONG” is an hour of the sounds of soft bubbling water and forest birds that offers you a highly focused mind and a relaxed body – effortlessly. Just play it softly in the background whenever you need it.




Blissful Chimes CD cover


Use “BLISSFUL CHIMES” when you really need to slow down the 90-mile an hour mind. It can also be used when you need deep relaxation and recharging. This is an hour long soundscape of keyboard and windchimes.




Daily Serenity CD cover


“DAILY SERENITY” consists of three tracks: “Reset” – reboots your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy to strength and harmony. The “Grounding Meditation” is a guided meditation to create relaxation and bring you to the present. The “Daily Serenity” track is a wonderful way to bring calm to your day.

You can download the entire CD in zip format, or you may download the tracks in mp3 format individually. To open a zip file, simply double click on it after downloading.

Daily Serenity CD




Grounding Meditation – Intro


Grounding Meditation


Daily Serenity



Please Note: These tracks are copyright © Mountain Rose Music. You are welcome to download them for your own use only. However, this music may not be copied, or distributed to others, in any form. Thank you for respecting our music.