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We all have them…

…those little aggravations that explode into major storms.folded towels

Not long after my husband and I were married, I received a detailed lesson in how to fold towels. I had no idea that the way I folded towels was such an aggravation.

Do you have someone in your family who always forgets to replace the cap on the toothpaste?

Do you have a mess of shoes by the front door that you always end up tripping over?

Have you ever taken a moment to think about those buttons?

  • pushing buttonsWhere do they come from?
  • How did they get there in the first place?
  • How is it that such a small thing can explode into a major storm?
  • Why do people keep pushing them?
  • Why do I keep responding with the same storm when they are pushed?

These are growing pains.

Instead of becoming the storm – become the ONE who notices your buttons.

Develop a curiosity about the buttons. Stare them in the face and demand to know their purpose. You are ready for the answers.

You are evolving and transforming what it means to be human. And there can be growing pains. You are expanding your awareness and dipping your toes into your infinite capacity.

If you feel the walls of your buttons squeezing you, push back. Ask the questions. Demand honest answers from the wisdom within you.

On one of those pushes, you will open a door in the wall and emerge sprinkling joy everywhere you go.