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Flying solo means doing everything yourself.

Flying an airplane soloThis has been a big life lesson for me. For too many years I took care of the kids, operated my teaching studio, had several volunteer leadership roles in my community, suffered the passing of both my parents at a young age and more.

Making time for myself wasn’t even on my radar! Does any of this sound familiar?

Even with all of this on my plate, it still wasn’t the whole story. There was a deeper level of flying solo.

I am deeply empathic and have a profound caring for other people. This put me in the category of being a ‘giver.’ But I found out that there was also a SHADOW side of the ‘giver.’ Many call that shadow being a ‘martyr.’

Many days, I felt like I was just handling juggling three balls and then someone would throw in a 4th ball! Sheesh!

This led to patterns of Denial about how overwhelmed I was, retreating into Isolation to try to recharge and reset and finally a six month case of hives all over my body.

This was a snapshot of Flying Solo for me.

On my journey out of that shadow side of Flying Solo, I found some really effective tools along the way. And I learned to ask for help.

SELF CARE ACTION STEP: Set aside a few moments this week and contemplate where you feel you are flying solo in your life. List ONE thing that you can ask for help with and who you would like to ask. Then pick up the phone and ask.