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Ancient Voices CoverI have always deeply believed that every single human being IS at his or her core – peace, bliss, love, abundance, compassion and beauty.

This is the ESSENCE of being human.

It just gets covered up by other STUFF!

That doesn’t change the core. It is always there and always available to you.

And NO AMOUNT of STUFF you pile on top of it can change that peace, bliss, love, abundance, compassion and beauty….EVER!

In my own experience of decades of searching for ways to create a connection to that core, I have found NOTHING more powerful than SOUND used in sacred ways and CEREMONY.

It is interesting that neuroscientists are now telling us how deeply the human being is wired for sound and for ritual – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

In fact sound and ritual is OLDER than LANGUAGE itself!!


Enter the universe and synchronicity…

Cindy JohnstonIn June, 2012. One of my best friends, Cindy Johnston, and I decide to get together for a picnic at one of our favorite places, Allen Bill Pond in Kananaskis Park. We hadn’t seen each other for a while and had lots of ‘catching up’ to do.

Cindy didn’t know that I had just been given and become keeper of an amazing crystal skull. I didn’t know that she had also just become keeper of an amazing crystal skull.

Both of us just happened to pack them along with our sandwiches and picnic items to share with each other.

After we finished laughing, enjoying our lunch and being thankful for such amazing synchronicity, we started to create a plan to bring people together to experience the blend of what each of us loves to do.

Sacred sound and Sacred ceremony. Our ancient roots as a human family.

To help people create a direct pipeline to that peace, bliss, love, abundance, compassion and beauty at the core.

So since August, 2012, Cindy Johnston and I have been collaborating in offering evenings of sacred sound and ceremony, once a month.

We wanted to create an environment where people could connect to their core and do profound personal healing and also offer prayers and healing for the human collective.

We use the amazing vibrational energy of Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, Asian celestial gongs, drum, and more.

People have enjoyed them so much, we had requests to record an evening. So we put it on the ‘back burner.’

Enter the Universe again…

In April of 2013, we had planned an event at Folk Tree Lodge that just didn’t work out.

So Cindy and I decided to use that time we had set aside to record one of these experiences.

Like the Universe had planned this all along…

It turned out to be an incredible experience, recorded in sacred ceremony with us blanketed with support from so many realms.

With all the energy present, it’s amazing the recording equipment worked at all.

The result of these synchronicities has been the birth of our 2 CD set, Ancient Voices.

Cindy and I are so excited to be able to offer a way for people to connect with their peace, bliss, love, abundance, compassion and beauty at the core – any time it is needed.

I sit in profound gratitude for having such an experience and offering created through Cindy and I.

The CDs include 8 tracks, 4 on each CD:

  1. The introduction offers ways you can use the tracks for personal and collective healing and connection.
  2. Track 2 is opening space. This calls in the energetic blanket of the 4 directions and many other supportive energies as you work with the other tracks. Cindy and I recommend that when you use the CD you begin with this track.
  3. Tracks 3 through 7 are for you to explore in any order or number. Once you are familiar with the sounds and energies of each track, then use what you need, in any order.
  4. This track closes space with gratitude. Cindy and I recommend that you also end your time with the CD with this track.

As always, follow your intuition.

If you are drawn to explore sound and ritual in this way, I invite you to check the link below to listen a bit and explore further.