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This is the first of a 4-part series

Mental - Physical - Emotional - SpiritualA business is a living entity. Because a business is a human creation, it carries the same dimensional qualities and capacities of a human being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Having a holistic approach to your business can serve its purpose beautifully. This perspective is the perfect lens for a holistic practitioner, yet it fits any business, large or small.

Holistic practitioners have a powerful role in the future of healing for humanity. These folks have huge hearts, a deep commitment to serve others, integrity, empathic sensitivity, intuitive gifts perfectly suited to their purpose, spiritual connection and so much more.

Yet there is a deep sense of using a different perspective for creating a holistic business.

To grow your business, you need to consider the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of your business to have a totally (w)holistic approach.

Holistic means “encompassing the WHOLE of a thing and not just the part.” (from

For the last two hundred years, human society has benefited greatly from scientific exploration and the growing of a vast body of knowledge based on the parts.

The advent of quantum physics has brought in a whole new perspective of our understanding of the parts.  With growing evidence of how interconnected all matter and energy is, it is now time to understand how the parts fit into the whole.

This concept applies to everything! For this series of articles, it is how the parts of a business fit holistically into the whole.

So let’s first explore how the physical dimension of your business contributes to the whole.

The Physical Dimension of Your Business

I invite you to write down everything you can think of related to the physical dimension of your business. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • the physical space where you conduct your business.
  • everything in that physical space.
  • Even if you have an online business, there are still hosting and platforms that are needed hold your information and activity.
  • devices and tools that you use to conduct your business, like your computer, mobile phone, etc.
  • people who work with you on your business.
  • And the people who interact with your business – customers and clients.
  • your email list.
  • social media and other ways of connecting can be added here.
  • the flow of money in and out of your bank account.
  • systems for managing the flow of money.
  • your expertise, certifications, degrees, etc.
  • your networks.
  • flow of supplies into and out of your business.

Are you starting to catch on to the idea? This can be a pretty long list depending on how much detail you add.

If you have an ongoing gratitude practice, this list is a great way to bring positive energy and thankfulness to what we already have.

We will be adding to this list as we progress through the dimensions.

Watch for Part 2 – The Mental Dimension coming in early February ….

In Health and Harmony,