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This is the fourth of a 4-part series

A business is a living entity. Because a business is a human creation, it carries the same dimensional qualities and capacities of a human being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Having a holistic approach to your business can serve its purpose beautifully. This perspective is the perfect lens for a holistic practitioner, yet it fits any business, large or small.

Mental-Emotional-Physical-SpiritualIn today’s blog, we dive into the spiritual dimension. This dimension is rarely considered in any business discussion.

Yet it is the most important.

The spiritual dimension is what ties all of the dimensions together into one whole. Let’s first look at the spiritual dimension as it applies to a person.

What is the Spiritual Dimension for You?

One of the best descriptions I have found of the Spiritual Dimension or Spiritual Health and Wellness comes from The University of New Hampshire Health Services website.

“Spiritual wellness may not be something that you think much of, yet its impact on your life is unavoidable. The basis of spirituality is discovering a sense of meaningfulness in your life and coming to know that you have a purpose to fulfill.
Many factors play a part in defining spirituality – religious faith, beliefs, values, ethics, principles and morals. Some gain spirituality by growing in their personal relationships with others, or through being at peace with nature. Spirituality allows us to find the inner calm and peace needed to get through whatever life brings, no matter what one’s beliefs are or where they may be on your spiritual journey.

The human spirit is the most neglected aspect of our selves. Just as we exercise to condition our bodies, a healthy spirit is nurtured by purposeful practice. The spirit is the aspect of ourselves that can carry us through anything. If we take care of our spirit, we will be able to experience a sense of peace and purpose even when life deals us a severe blow. A strong spirit helps us to survive and thrive with grace, even in the face of difficulty.”

The most important question you can ask is “what matters to me?”

As you become clearer on what matters to you, then you become the solution the world needs. Every one of us is a solution to the chaos around us.

Here are a few questions to stimulate your contemplation of what matters most to you:

  1. How much do your relationships matter to you?
    • We express the innermost regions of our hearts with those who are closest to us.
  2. Do you express kindness during your day?
  3. What gives your work meaning?
  4. What are your greatest strengths?
  5. What do you do for self-care?
  6. What are your three most important core values? How do you support your spiritual wellbeing?

These questions are a few to get you started in creating more clarity in what matters to you. What matters to you will give you stability, strength and calm no matter what is going on.

Spiritual Wellbeing for Your Business

As you explore the spiritual dimension of your business, let’s apply similar questions for reflection, especially, ‘What matters to my business?’ Here are some examples:

  1. Why have you created a business?
    • This is the most important business question to answer, because it is your ‘why’ that attracts your perfect co-worker and customer or client to you.
  2. Why does your business matter?
    • This is similar and related to the first question.
    • This question can also be asked from different perspectives. For example, Why does my business matter to my co-workers?… to my customers?… to me?… to the world?
  3. What core values are expressed in your daily interactions in your business?
    • Much of this is expressed in your relationships with co-workers and customers.
  4. How does my business demonstrate that I care?
    • This is where you integrate physical, mental and emotional dimensions.
  5. How does my business give back to the larger community?

These questions are a few to get you started in creating more clarity in what matters to your business.

The Spirit of Your Business

This is one of my favorite ways to connect with my business in a spiritual way. It is a visualization that I have done with both Sound Wellness and the Sound Wellness Institute.

In my world, as a deeply empathic spiritual entrepreneur, Sound Wellness, and the Sound Wellness Institute have a PRESENCE in my consciousness that I call the Spirit of my business. This presence shows up like a person or being. This presence also has access to the ‘bigger picture’ of my life’s purpose.

Your business has a presence like this too. And you can choose to communicate with your business as a person, like you chat with your best friend.

When Sound Wellness first walked down this path towards me, it took a form that was a complete surprise to me. In other words, I never would have created this personification of my business from my ‘conscious’ mind.

In my conversations with the spirit of the Sound Wellness Institute, we often discuss what I would like my business to do for me, and what I promise to do for my business. Sometimes I ask for advice from a very different perspective.

It’s important to really LISTEN to gain the insights you are looking for. They may surprise you. Even in conversations about cash flow.

This is an ongoing relationship, and you may find that frequent conversations with your business will be really helpful. This is your friendship with your creation. Enjoy it!!

In Health and Harmony,