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Your Soul Sound

Ancient mystical teachings describe the soul as manifesting the physical body. It is like your soul is the conductor of a divine symphony, using your soul’s sound to bring together frequency bands of physical form, karmic lessons, ancestral information, soul path and so much more into the miracle that is you.

Knowing your Soul Sound, and singing this sound is an instant connection to the feelings of peace, joy, harmony, bliss, love, happiness, compassion, or expansiveness.

What is it?

The combined resonance of your body and field is made up of many frequencies:

  • the frequencies of your atoms and molecules
  • the frequencies of your nervous system
  • the frequencies of your body systems
  • the frequencies of your emotions
  • the frequencies of your thoughts
  • the frequencies of your energetic systems – your chakras, meridian systems and field

All of these frequencies add up to create a resonance or main sound that is you in this moment. That is your daily resonance or vibration. This resonance changes all the time with your feelings and your thoughts.

There is one frequency, however, in this orchestra of sounds, that is the frequency of your soul. This is a frequency that seldom changes, although it can evolve as you do. This frequency is carried with you from lifetime to lifetime.

No other being has this sound or frequency. It is yours forever. It is how your guides and angels find you. Like tuning their radio to your frequency to connect directly with you. 

This sound is how you connect with experience from your other lifetimes. It is how you connect to the universe, god, goddess or however you express this consciousness.

This frequency is your soul’s sound, which is a sound, a vibration and a feeling – all at the same time.

These are the feelings of your highest vibration and how your physical body connects with your soul’s sound.

Every particle of your being vibrates with this energy and this sound. It emanates from the quantum or tiny spaces within your body. It fills the 99.9 empty space within and between your atoms. Your soul’s sound is an integral part of your physical body and your physical body responds to this sound.

The Soul Sound Experience

The Soul Sound Experience consists of 2 parts:

  1. A 90-minute session where Sharon will guide you through a process to discover and create an audio recording of your soul’s sound.
  2. Sharon will prepare an edited recording of your soul’s sound that you can download to your device to use any time you need it.


The Soul Sound Experience is availale for $297.

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